Chrome with Radiosity

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I was messing around with textures and radiosity (it seems to be the “trendy” thing to do 8) ) when I came upon this. I figured out how to combine some envmaps with radiosity. The bowl is supposed to be a Nambé bowl. Full Size Pic
I can’t think of what else to add. Any sugg’s?
<edit> Updated the pics. Hopefully the legs look a bit more real. </edit>

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That is a great scene. Nice combinition of textures with radiosity.

(paradox) #3

yes very nice scene. any tips on using env maps with radiosity. I messed with is some and my best effort was adding the object and env map after the radiosity solution. Nice textures and scene. Good to see more radiosity pics (I’m on a radiosity kick as some know :))


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Very nice radiosity scene…

table legs looks funny and strange… and picture is so small :slight_smile:

will someone tutorify texturing a radiosity scene? Please?


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Stefano wrote

will someone tutorify texturing a radiosity scene? Please?

I think you should check with Dotblend first as he came up with the technique. If he doesn’t want to or doesn’t mind I would be willing to maybe do one at least on how I do it.


(ray_theway) #6

Yeah, I was trying to fake refraction with an envmap on the table legs (it kinda didn’t work :wink: ). I might just give them a different material. Oh, and if it wasn’t clear, the thumbnail links to a 640x480 pic.

All I did was use dotblend’s method. I made an envmap before the radiosity solution and had it mapped using Object and an empty. After the solution, it looked fine. So, I just changed the material settings back to refl mapping, and it worked!

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It was clear, and I’m stupid


(BgDM) #8

Nice image. Good work.

To use an env map on radiosity, after the radiosity calculation, remove the mesh that you want the env map applied to from the collected mesh with the “P” key. Go to the material window and find the material for that mesh. Then go to the texture window for that mesh and set up the env map as you normally would. Render the scene and voila, you have an env mapped mesh with the radiosity.

I could probably do the tute as well, but since dotblend started this whole thing, I’ll wait to see what he says on the subject.


(paradox) #9

Thanks BgDM for the info on env maps and radiosity. That is useful, especially if I want to add an env map to something in the scene.
I love radiosity now that I can add textures without all the fuss of separating each mesh afterwards.