chrome work

(rixtr66) #1

been a while since ive posted,ive been working on tweaking my chrome.
ive also been using post processing,trying to get better results.

if that dont work its on my front page
tell me what you think:)


(S68) #2


Nice concept :slight_smile:

Herm… does you get away the disk and the whole brake any time you take off a wheel? On my car barakes are fixed to the chassis :smiley:


(graphinc) #3

Nice material.
I’ve made some blender scenes with metal textures I created :

all made without postprod because I wanted to be able to use them in animations scenes.


(stephen2002) #4

nice job, but why are the brake disk and caliper on the wheel? Unless you are going to make the car to go with those tires :slight_smile:

the rubber seems a bit too shiny to me.

(wewa_juicyb) #5

indeed the rubber material needs some work, but as for the chrome, I think it looks good, just that the reflections look a little round for some reason, as in they make the surface look rounder than it is. Don’t ask me y :smiley: !

(dickie) #6

i love the grunge factor.
very awesome man.

(BgDM) #7

The chrome master strikes yet again!

As always, beautiful work man. I am finally getting the hang of doing this chrome work as well. Can you explain why you need the background image after you render the empty texture in order to keep the colours on the object? I would think that after you have the empty rendered, it would maintain the colour data.


(SKPjason) #8

Wow… as always… just when I think i’ve seen the best chrome job there is… now comes this… amazing. With the lighting, it comes alive like I’ve never seen blender do (with metals).

I bow to your superior abilities and talents and hope we’ll continue to see your mind-numbingly super-fantastic work… WOW


(belac) #9

very nice… the car has definately come a long way from its start! keep it up.

(valarking) #10

hmm, very nice! though im afraid blender’s osa has done it’s damage. oh well, it’s better than jaggies!

(flamepixel) #11

hey graphinc i love that green futuristic pickup.Could u send me the blend file? i am making a game with DirectX in C++. In one part of the game the character is put in a coma for 4000 years. I think the pickup would be a geat touch. i would really appreciate it and i would give u credit. PLZ?

(flamepixel) #12

i forgot my e-mail is [email protected]