Ok guys, I’ve been trying to get a good chrome reflection for a LONG time, but I havn’t been able to get any of the tutorials I’ve found to work, so is there any chance, some one could tell step by step instructions for making say, a chrome sword blade?? Plz help.

Maybe you should try a different version of Blender if all tutorials fail for you :slight_smile:

It’s not Blender, it’s just I can’t quite figure out what there saying :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmmmmmmm… using a different dictionary might help then :wink:

Hm, chrome is a metal, metals look like metals because of their reflection, they refelect their enviroment.

Therefor, what you need is an envmap as texture set to the reflection coordinates and
very important you need an enviroment.
No enviroment, no good envmap, no good reflection.
You could try to use some BW images as envmaps instead of modeling an enviroment.

Finally some tweaking of the material settings.

Dunno if this is of any help.

well… if you want to fake it (say you dont actually have an environment around it) i finnaly acheived it (look in the WIP section, its a mountain bike im working on) if u wanna kno how i did that, IM me (AOL instant messanger) at IMAHERATIC

Here is my environment mapping tutorial which goes through the material settings I use to get a chrome like colour.

It is PDF, so hopefully you canuse it. The material setting are on the last page.