I wanted to know if anyone knew how to do the chrome effect. I have this sword I modeled and I want to know how to make the blade chrome or shiny looking.

this question as been asked thousand times in this forum :wink: perhaps you should use the search engine, or even google :slight_smile:

Anyway, a short answer COULD be (could only because each one has his own method, and here’s mine):
-the lazy one: just the RaMir value to a value close to 1 and activate ray mirror in the material buttons and raytracing in the render buttons
-the intermediate one: choose a value close to 0.65 and then also set Spec to a high value (between 1 and 2) and Hard to a high value (between 75 and 150), please consider changing the Spec and Mir colors too acording to your base metal color
-the extensive one: if you want a chrome effect, the previous method should be fine, but you could also want the reflections to be tainted by a dominant color, then play with the Cmir button in the Materials “texture Map to”

Hopes this help, but be sure the archives of the forums contains much valuable information already discussed a lot of times before :wink:

I wish to add that swords are never chrome, except in low quality movies or on modern military parade.

Swords are steel, of the kind which is flexible, resilient and stay sharp. It is not dull but it is not a mirror. Go to your kitchen and get the best quality knife you have. It is metal, shiny but you won’t be able to use it as a mirror.


Yea, I agree, I just wanted to know how to make it look shiny, Like a blade of a sword. If you have any suggestions it would be greatly appreciated.

If you want to make real-convincing metal
you have to make some fake reflections as well
as real “mirror/raytrace”.

Add a separate map layer with a mapped bitplane
(simply add an image to a texture layer and mix it)
Also add some color to your metal such as OlivS suggests.

Studying real metal (as suggested by S68) is an excellent
idéa and an “Absolute-MUST-do!”. If you want something
to look real - you must study the real deal itself.

Here’s an image I did some days ago depicting real-metals
such as “chrome” etc…

it was done using the above method, also using a “fake”
reflection map. Blender 2.33a was used, under Linux.

It should render better now under the new fixed AA.

Take care,

Non crome but shini metal have High Spec and low hard

Some tiny ‘silk-like’ texture helps