i need to make a chrome part for a car but when i turn on the ray mirroring all that happens is it reflects the sky and i can’t get the shiny look i want. i looked for tutorials and couldn’t find any.

1, this is the wrong board to post this on
2. set the Frensel value to more than 0

doesn’t work


for good chrome set you material color to black and mirror value to 100%.

further more can you play with the fressnel if you want.

the refl color could also have a slight tint. polished metal hardly has a color neutral reflection.

if you lower the mirror value set with the object/diffuse color the target color you want.

most important REFLECTIONS only look GOOD when they have something to REFLECT. when you scene is empty is pretty bad - your reflection
will be empty as well.

if i were u , id use a reflection (angular) map.

uv it to ur model, and then check “reflection”

Or just apply it as a world (sky) texture.

Also, try playing around a bit with the color gradient and specular gradient

Search for tutorials: