Chromium on Linux

So, I’m trying out the nightly builds of the Chromium Web Browser for Linux… AND THEY ARE AMAZING!!! The tab-bar even works!

I just got it, so I have been using it for literally only a few minutes, but so far it has not crashed on me, and has only been useful.

Anyone else try it out?

Actually, I see one bug… The BlenderArtists icon in this tab displays incorrectly on the edges; However, it does not do that with any other site.

Edit: More bugs: pulling tabs out to create new windows is fine, but closing those windows, or recombining them, causes crashes. I’m sure they’re working on that.

I use chrome on windows, it’s my favorite browser by far. I’ve played about a bit with Linux and am planning to switch over soon, it’s good to know i’ll still be able to use chrome. I’ve never been a big fan of firefox and I hate explorer, although I see it’s latest version seems to have taken several cues from both firefox and chrome.

Well, the only thing I’m missing from Firefox is the stability, and the adblock capabilities.

Stability talking about the Linux port, not the Windows version. The Windows version is stable.

Did you try swiftweasel?

I just installed Chromium and its good looking and fast. What I dont like about it is that I cant get bookmarks to display. I know I could have bookmarks column but that takes up screen space about 40 px all the way across. I also cant change browser fonts which is annoying for me.

One other thing is that Im sure that I have flash installed however it says that I dont.:frowning:

Chromium on Linux is saying I don’t have flash as well. But, it’s pre-alpha, not NEARLY finished. Just give it time.

That said, it ALMOST passes the acid3 test O_O.

Did anyone happen to notice the big message that displays when you start chrome on Linux that says it can’t do plugins (including flash), no printing, no complex text, no complex tab dragging, no gears support and that there’s a lot of other areas that are noticeably incomplete?

Or does it only say that if you build it yourself maybe? :spin:

Nah, I saw that also. It isn’t just custom builds.

People just like to complain. And, the complex tab stuff works if the tabs are blank pages.

Printing still does not work. Plugins are partially implemented. The tab-bar works flawlessly now…

It’s almost done! Also, it uses your system’s GTK theme!