Chromology Street

Looked into a chrome tutorial which was flawless…well at least the guy made his flawless, mine still has some bugs to work out…if anyone has any critiques please throw them at me as I’m not sure what will help butter up this project next. Thanks!


Nice work with the chrome! My only crit would be that the reflection is just the plane…and then the tops of skyscrapers
But its just an image, so not much you can do. :slight_smile:

you nailed it mayn!!!i love the ground texture the it looks realistic.The chrome is also great!

:blush: thanks! Free…I spent all night working on this crazy thing and you mentioned something about the reflection on the plane. Let me know what you mean because I don’t want that “all nighter” to be in vain. I want this render to look as good as it possibly can. Keep the critiques coming!

Oh, I meant that:
In the reflection(on the spheres) you can see the plane(ground)…and it goes straight to the top of the skyscrapers. But as its an image, you cant do much about that.

Aaah, yes. I’ve done that tutorial as well. Brilliant tutorial.
I can understand what Drew means and he’s right: don’t worry about it. Using photographs will always require some work in PS or GIMP to get them looking 100% realistic.

good work and great apologize, If I hurt you with my previous comment.

Never compare yourself with anyone else.

This is so unfair! I made one pic with same tutorial and every feedback was negative
as good job as I did

Wow, that was lowbrow.
Dont pull that again…even as a joke. Comes off sounding really bad…

I’m reallysorry, everyone! That was just a humble joke, I delete that post. This is good work!

This belongs in the Blender Tests forum as many others reflecting/refracting/bouncing/hdri lighted/coloured spheres renders.