Chromoly's Vertex Slide - still King in Bmesh

I am totally BLOWN away.

It seems that Chromoly’s add-on Vertex Slide (modified by JMR for 2.57) STILL works in the latest 2.62 with Bmesh. It crashes in Texture mode, but so far no other issues.

Chromoly’s Vertex Slide is far more superior than the current vertex slide, because Chromoly’s version allows you to move multiple vertices.

I couldn’t find a latest version online, to share with the rest. But if someone can explain me how to put it on Graphicall, I’d be happy to.
Hopefully some of the developers will take a look at this; maybe with some small changes it can make it into trunk.

Well said, Sago.
This and a couple of other tools from Chromoly (namely the ruler, for example) were so clever and well done that indeed would deserve some attention from the developers.

Does anyone know what happened to him?

Yah, more of Chromoly’s addons deserve a comeback. For example the Local Grid addon. Amazing stuff.

But I’m mostly amazed by his vertex slide, that it even works with bmesh. Great, since I frequently use it.

No idea what happened to him. Even his youtube channel is gone.

yeah Chromoly addons was the best with the looptools addons.

I totally agree… this vertex slide add-on is the most useful, I do hope it gets more attention and fixed up for newer builds 2.62 and up.

I am getting some face drawing issues if I cancel the operation. It turns to wireframe when doing the vertex slide even if in solid drawing mode. yeah… and the crash when used with textures.

Other than that it still seems to work like a champ :slight_smile:

‘Chromoly’s vertex slide’ was one of the must have plugins I enabled with every Blender release until I discovered the ‘scale to active’ technique.

The problem with Chromoly’s slide occurs while trying to do retopology. It would temporarily change the drawing of the mesh I was editing such that I could no longer see the surface of the base mesh I was trying to conform to.

Using ‘scale to active’ does not redraw my mesh and I find it much faster than using any other ‘vertex slide’ plugin. In fact, if you know the technique, these plugins are totally unnecessary.

Here’s what you do: Change your pivot center to ‘Active Element’ [hotkey Alt + . ] select the vert you want to slide and then shift select the vert you want to slide towards. Now use scale and the first vert will slide towards the second vert.

Be a good idea to poke Campbell about this after 2.63 is released, he can probably add it in about 5 minutes :wink:

It’s definitely a nice way, and it makes the current vertex slide unneeded. However, it doesn’t work on edges.

Would also be more than 5 min work, since it’s not bug free atm

That’s what ‘Edge Slide’ is for. :wink:

I don’t follow. Please elaborate. What is more than 5 min work? What bugs are you speaking of ?

Doesn’t have the same functionality. With Chromoly’s version you can lock a direction, which allows you to move it beyond its current location.

For starters it crashes in texture mode. Some other issues are mentioned too.

I have no problems with that btw, and they could even consider adding it as a testing add-on

Chromoly’s add-ons are not very well documented in the wiki.
Best way to help devs to implement these add-ons is probably to describe how it works on the wiki.
A dev that don’t have 2.57 needs explainations of what the add-on does and how to use it.
I suppose that you can put link to screencaptures and demo videos on the wiki.

I don’t think it needs to be developed… just fixed, the script is already there… and works to an extent.

don’t really know what I am doing but it can be found in this folder The latest change that was done by meta-androcto 7 months ago seems to work with 2.62, but with bmesh it has drawing errors and crashes blender when used with a texture on a mesh.

I find this version of vertex slide to be usefull because it replaces the need for two hotkeys between vertex slide or edge slide.
I just use one… the alt-v hotkey for both and it works flawlessly… I can select either a single vert or multiple vert/edges and it will slide them.

Much faster than having to select one vert at a time and slide it… thats just time consuming and not productive so I usually end up just eyeballing the verts instead of using edge slide or the one-vert-at-a-time slide method. (I dont think you can put a hotkey to that method either).

/rant :stuck_out_tongue:

Lumpycow, you were able to add a keymap to chromoly’s vertex slide? Since it only shows up in the search function I haven’t been able to.

Sago yes I have, you have to add it manually but it works.

Create a new hotkey in the mesh keymap, set it to whatever, I have mine set to Alt-V and add the text mesh.vertex_slide


Great! Thanks Lumpycow. Don’t know how you found it, but works great! Thanks Lumpycow. Don’t know how you found it, but works great

You inspired me to whip up a quick tut on making custom hotkeys… here is the link. some of the developers will take a look at this; maybe with some small changes it can make it into trunk.

Oooh, from the operator commands. Way cool :slight_smile: