A model of my Christmas present. :smiley:

Latest render:

Yikes! Just noticed that I misspelled Hohner. How strange,

lol, nice work none the less for the mis-spelling.
you shouldn’t have said anything just to see if anyone picked it up.
I do really like the text, how did you curve it so nice?

I typed it out. :smiley: It’s a bump map made with some image software sort of like Gimp.

The Nor value is a little too high, though. I’ll need to fix that.

Update: fixed the spelling error and decreased the Nor value for the text

Nice job.

Not sure how obsessive you want to get about detail, but the Chromonica has squarer holes and they are a bit larger than in your image. They should come very close to the edge of the slope in the mouthpiece and the metal between the holes is narrower.

You also missed the screw head detail on the mouthpiece.

If you want to get really picky, you could add the slide spring, which should be visible from your render angle.

Really nice, though.


@Lynda: Thanks for the input! Yeah, I know that the holes need to be bigger. I started on the mouthpiece part the wrong way, and I’ll need to start it over to get the holes right.

A lot of the details I just didn’t worry about since I wasn’t sure how the picture would turn out. I just needed to blend something and my harmonica was the best thing around. I’m quite happy with the result, though, so I might go ahead and finish out the details.

Update: Made the holes bigger, added a reflective surface to sit on, improved the lighting.

I know the screws on the front are gone. I’ll fix that eventually.

Another update: made the holes even bigger. Tweaked some materials.

To do: get the numbers lined up with the holes.

Yet another update! Lined up the holes and the numbers, added a wood texture for it to sit on, added a better reflection image:

To do: DOF is a little high. I’m not completely satisfied with the lighting. Some detail work.

C&C still appreciated!

(Here’s something new!) An Update:

I’m pretty happy with how it looks. Anyone have any suggestions?

Really nice. I like the slide detail through the holes.

Only things to double check would be the length between outermost holes and the outer edge of the harp. It look like the distance from hole #10 to the edge is too long.

Also, it looks like the holes in the slide are at the bottom. Normally when the button is not pushed in the holes will be at the bottom - unless someone has taken it apart and put the slide in backwards. Of course, not many folks will notice that because when people tinker with them they often put their slides in backwards. :slight_smile:

You’ve really done a wonderful job with this model.


And if anyone wants to check your details, here is a link with some good images of a slightly older model. (The letter C is stamped in a different location on older models.) The first picture that pops up is the bottom of the instrument, but if you look at the other images you can see how Livewire has done a really great job getting the details right.

Your model is much more accurate than this guy’s description of how old his chromonica is. :slight_smile: And glad to see yours doesn’t have a big old crack in the comb, either.

I just noticed that your Chromonica was a Christmas present. Your detail on your model is especially good considering this is a new object - not one that you’ve handled and studdied for years.


@Lynda: Actually, the holes in the slide are in the top. I’m not sure what makes them look like they’re on the bottom. Maybe I should decrease the reflectiveness of the slide.

And, yeah, I see what you mean about the distance between the holes and the edge of the harmonica. I’ll work on that some.

Update: Fixed the problem with the holes

So whaddya think?

Much better dimensions!

Only quibble on this version is with the mouthpiece assembly. Just double check the depth relationships between the slide and the other parts. BTW - what’s making the diagonal line in each of the holes? Is that just an optical illusion from the particular render angle you used?

(Hubby brings assorted harmonica parts and does a quick demo for me.)
OK. Are your mouthpiece holes extruded straight back, or did you scale the extruded squares after you made the depth for the mouthpiece holes? The mouthpiece is milled so that the square at the playing surface, and the square at the back part of the mouthpiece assemble are two different sizes. If you run a feeler in there you can see how the mouthpiece hole widens from front to back. If you don’t have that widening in yours it may account for why the hard edge of the holes is looking like a diagonal line in the render.

Finally, the only thing that’s missing is the little groove in the reed plate that the front edge of the cover plate seats in.

Can you play it as well as you can model it?


@Lynda: Thanks again for all the information. I’ll get to work on all those things. The diagonal lines are an illusion caused be the reflection of the edge of the hole on the slide. When I scale the inside of the holes like they should be, it should go away.

And yes, I can play. I’ve been playing for about 4 years on the same harmonica. I really wanted this chromatic one, so when I got it for Christmas, I was so excited I decided to model it. :smiley:

Update: See first post.

If you like it, rate it! =]

Nice job. The mouthpiece looks great.


I’m about ready to call it finished. So if you have any thoughts on the modeling, lighting, composition or anything, say it now.