Chronicles of Saba (Recruiting)

Greetings fellas!
CoS is being rebuilt from scratch, and it’s getting into a bottle neck with the amount of work!
I’d like to have a few volunteers to help me build a great game!

So far we have:

Torakunsama: Project director, Lead artist
Raiderium: Head programmer
kev3m: Arquitectural modeler
NetGuru: Music and sound artist
Saqe2: Mechanical artist
I’ll need help with music, flora and mechanical modeling (plants and ships), concept artist, and programmer.

You can check more about the game here.But all internals of the game are being reworked, even the story, so what you know about it might be obsolete. I’ll be working on Blender 2.5x.

Thank you for your attention.

Hmm, maybe I took this project for granted…

What’s Chronicles of Saba?

I began this project in 2007 when I started learning Blender. It was my entrance to the game industry.
The project is intended as a Trilogy: Genesis, Exodus, and Ultimate.
Genesis will be open source and free, single player, Exodus, Multiplayer with donations, and Ultimate will have a per month fee MMO game.

COS is a space Simulator fps with RPG and RTS features.
Features in gameplay are to be:

  • Ability to freely travel through a mock-up galaxy
    *Ability to use stargates,
    *Ability to fly, land, drive and walk on planets,
    *Ability to build facilities on land
    *Ability to enter vehicles, ships, and facilities.
    *Ability to change suits
    *Ability to use inventories
    *Need based actions for organic[ air, hunger, fatigue]
    I also want to include some fauna and flora in a few planets.

Yes it’s a very ambitious project:yes:!

So what has been done so far?

From 2008 I’ve been running countless tests on planetary landing and walking, and I’m still running a few tests today.
The following are a few shots I kept around:
Very first tests: Moon base (2008)

Very first Pre Alpha(2009)

Alpha 0.1


Current work

Earth surface:

Mars surface:

Procedural planets:



Ok I ain’t including videos now… they’re bad anyways!

What’s the story?
This is a resume of the whole story.
The story is about a fight for survival. It’s based on an old movie known as ‘Starship troopers’.
The player goes to a Space Academy and learns vital skills, while doing so, a giant bugs alien race invades the galaxy and is now about to take Earth and other human colonies. You must defend the humanity, and take the war to the bug’s home (Saba in the ‘neighbor’ galaxy Andromeda.

As you can see, this is not an enthusiast noob trying to make an ‘awesome’ MMOFPS game knowing nothing. True I’m still learning, but I’m committed and work hard! I hope to succeed.
Also this game is supposed to squeeze any drop of juice the BGE can offer, and fake what it can’t I’ll try to stuff as much features as I can add and see the result. It might be unreasonable, but I expect to motivate all many people as possible!

So are you interested now:eyebrowlift:?

I’m happy to welcome our newest member:


He’ll be doing Music and sound FX.

Thanks for joining the team!

actualy nice game but if i may advise something:
Work on the graphics a little bit beacuse the mars and earth surface is too empty.
then if you using BGE i would prefer another and better game engine for example UDK (Unreal Development Kit) or Unity … both of them are free ofc…

I thank you for your interest for CoS.
By ‘work on the graphics’ do you mean add more content?
Indeed! since the planets are where the actions happen, they are supposed to be populated. This is why I made the project public, that’s why I need more people to help me fill up the planets with vegetation, rocks, etc. I also labeled it current work. I need to work on the physics of landing (atmospheric flight/drag, better gravity script, and AI) before populating the planet (I might just do the other way around)…
As for the ’ use another engine ’ suggestion, I thank you for your concern. However, CoS: Genesis will always be a Blender child! I may look for other engines later on, for the sequel, but for now I’ll stick with blender. Even if I manage to pull up a multiplayer part with Unity!

nice yes i mean add more content hehe
Ok then i think i will join…
If you want really good modeler PM me that you want me to help you and i will send you some project for showcase and we can get started :wink:

OK, that is done. Thanks for joining