chubby head WIP,

latest play… only about half done something doesn’t look right,
in side-on and front view the proportions look ok, but when renderings it looks a bit thin… camera setting? nose bulbs to wide? bit thin under eyes maybe, I’ve been looking at this too long and can’t put my finger on it, where is it going wrong?

have you tried larger bones under his eyes?

Man that looks great :slight_smile:
the thing you’re after is his nosebulbs, like you guessed. They’re too protruding and thick. But it still looks great :wink:

That’s probably because of the perspective (i.e. things further away appear smaller). The closer the camera is to an object, the more exagerated perspective becomes. In the case of heads, this often makes them look thinner in a head-on view.

There are a couple of ways to solve this problem:

  1. move the camera further away from the head, and zoom in (this is only a trick and not really a good solution to the over-all problem).
  2. make the head wider. And remember that the eyes are usually (without perspective) about an eyes-width away from the sides of the face and from each other–of course, that varies somewhat from person to person.

Hope this helps! And your face certainly seems to have gotten a good start. :slight_smile:

narrowed the nose bulbs, added cheekbones:) widdened the head just a tad.
started to shape the neck, well I can’t put off doing the ears anymore :slight_smile: … hmm maybe tweak the mouth some more … then the ears…

Yeqh, good it look like a friend, i tell it to him and he say , yeah it’s me (lol)

so continu like this, good job


I liked the nose how it was before, but one thing I would change, would be to sink the eyes in a touch more. Give them more the appearance of an orb inside of a socket. On the whole, that is one of the cooler heads I have seen. Too many (including my own) tend to be rather generic. I suppose this is because the artist may want to use it later in a slightly different form. That’s the great thing about generic heads. The drawback is, they lack character, and tend to resemble one another. I really like this head. can’t wait to see him with ears.

You’ve got some very nice details there. They are what really make the difference between a good and bad head. The mouth detail is especially good. I do agree with Modron about the eyes though. Can’t wait to see what he’ll wind up looking like.


little update…still no ears…

at is a tut about ears, maybe you are interested …
i like you head :smiley:
maybe you could post a wire as well? :smiley:

Hi Zenitor,

This is great start. Your head has definitive much character.
The only critique I have is the area about the chin and neck.
There are some folds that don’t look right.

Here is a pic to explain what I mean:

keep on


hey thanks guy for all the hints and incouragement,
bobtronic: ah yes the gowls(sp) should stop and cut back where the arrow is, not continue downwards, cool missed that.
qiv: cool will check it out, lost a lot of links after a crash the other day, was looking for the “joan of arc” which is ideal for blender, but this looks better.
Modon and Goo: I sunk the top of the eyelids in a bit and above the eyes there was no umm… lumps where your eyebrow muscles are, so added those…
Erufailon: looks a bit more alive with cheekbones :wink:
Jolly Gnome: next time I’ll start with the nose, man he has has some serious surgery, the bulbs were way to rounded, found the ref image… the guy has a wide bridge as in the last pic, but I may go back to the previous nose…

that last pic is bad, washedout will post a wire… how to make the wire thinner???

p.s using loosely using the same technique as WizardNX.

still avoiding doing the ears %|
first attempt at uv texturing, using that excellent export script
and Steve Cox’s uvmapper025e
following this thread by cANt.

got a long way to go… just a proof of concept