ChucK Vs the movie E-Frankeinstein (Kinect animations)

Hi everybody !
My last video… a lot of work…pffff
Kinect with delicode nimate,
Smoke effect,
Shape keys…

I hope you like

Although I can’t say for sure, that I could follow what was going on here, I thought it was definitely entertaining! A whole lot of work as well, no doubt.

you have to know the TV show Chuck to understand ! lol
But a lot of work for sure…

my next project will be a game with Kinect about chuck… in a circus !
But it will take a lot of time …:evilgrin:

no critics, i worked a lot on this vidéo ?

up ! plz any critics ?

The animation was slow. There was some Z-fighting that made some of the materials flicker on some of the objects. You need to increase the limit on the cameras so that you objects doesn’t seem cut off. You need to check the directions of the faces before you UV map and paint the material. There was very little to no emotion shown to the characters.

The subsurface modifier needs to be applied in order to get the blocky look on the characters. The lighting can use some improvement. The fight choreography didn’t match to the sound bites that you used. The camera animation is also slow.

Overall, there’s nothing wrong with using BHV files for your work, it’s just that it wasn’t enough to make a good animation. Before you try using physics on the hair particles and cloth simulation, focus on improving your animation skills. An animation can still be great with out it.

this sucked it was very sloppy

Well it made me laugh. Good work

Please include Casey, Jeff and Lester for the next installment.

i have allready make a movie with the jeffsters

my next video will include miranda from mass effect 2…

ty for the critics, my next video will go faster for sure :wink:

That’s the goal, thank you :wink: