This is my entry for for the BG Poliigon Hallowen competition. All parts are made with Blender and render with Cycles 1000 samples, size 1920x1080.
As required the most textures used are Poliigon:

  • MetalRustRepolished001
  • WoodBeamDark001
  • FabricLeatherRed001
  • HandleRubberSmooth001
  • FabricCanvas001
  • FabricDenim003
  • CliffJagged004
  • WoodFlooring034
  • WoodPlanksWorn33
    other textures are hand made.
    post production and Final effects with Gimp.

Other views…

Other views, original work and matcap.

Turntable views

turntable video


Great atmosphere, I love the use of lights and textures and the storytelling behind it. I hope you can win, good luck for the contest.

Awesome, it’s seem too real, scary!!!

Thanks but there are many others interesting works, i don’t know if is possible to win!

Thanks!!! :slight_smile: