Chupacabra: My rigging is a mess

First of all, I’m new here. :slight_smile:

I’ve been using Blender 2.49 for the past few months to create a chupacabra for this movie I’m writing/directing. I went through hell from the earliest version of the character to the final product, but now all of the modeling is taken care of.

My latest problemo concerns rigging the character. He has bent arms and legs, and the bones don’t quite synch up with them. And when I go into pose mode and start moving bones, the character deforms, distorts and stretches. It’s not ideal for having him move from one side to the other. It’s such an ugly mess. :eek:

What am I doing wrong?

P.S. Sorry, my attempts to attach the file seem to be failing. :confused: Thank you for your help.

Without any file or screen shot my friend, how do you expect anyone to tell you what are you doing wrong?

May be your rig is not well set up, maybe your weight painting is wrong, maybe envelops is activated and you create vertex groups, maybe maybe maybe maybe, it is all we can say with not support material.

P.S. Sorry, my attempts to help you has being failing without any file:confused:

By the way: have you ever rig a character? Maybe you should follow the Gingerbread tutorial, you might realize after that what you are doing wrong.

I am unable to load the .blend file for some reason, but here is a screenshot of after I rotated the head bone to the right (his left).

I hope this helps. Thank you for your help.

I suggest you to rig a simpler character like Gingerbread following the tutorial, so you can get a wide picture of what rigging is about and all parameters involved. Then come back with a more specific question if you still have the same issues. You might have a weight painting problem, or a constraint problem, wrong roll for some bones, etc etc etc…Sorry the shot does not provide enough information.

Good Luck with your chupacabras.

Right now, I’ve started over with a simpler rig. Previously, the Chupa was armatured from head to foot, and the whole amarture would move with the head or the arm, etc.

Now, I have separate armatures for the head, each leg, and each arm (and later the neck). Everything seems to be working fine now. But if I run into any problems, I’ll try the gingerbread man.

Thank you for your help.

No no, don’t seperate it into multiple armatures. Just follow the gingerbread man tutorial and make sure to set your vertex weights right for each bone. You can check out these aswell: - Part1 - Part2 - Part 3

This looks like a weight painting issue.
Here is a tip if you are a sloppy painter like me: Before you weight paint each bone, go into edit mode and select all the verts that you think should have any influence no matter how small from that bone. Now invert select and hit H to hide everything you don’t want to paint. Now go into weight painting mode and paint away and it will be impossible to slop paint onto the verts that are behind what you are trying to paint! Then Alt-H in edit mode to “unhide” every thing.

What’s wrong with separate armatures for each part of the body? The character poses like I want him to. Here’s the most recent screenshot/pose after rendering:

The head. arms, and legs are separate from the body mesh because that’s the only way I can get any armature to work right ATM. Is that good or bad? :frowning: It looks good to me so far.

I’ve solved all the rigging problems I had. It looks like it was a weight painting problem. So far, I’ve weighted the head and it works just fine. It was a lot of hard work, though. :eek:

I wanna give a big thank you (and a bear hug) to everybody who helped me out. :smiley: