Church Cross

Hello Everyone

I am the one that is doing the walkthrough of the Castly used in the Rocky Horror Picture Show. But I am doing all the modeling according to the order of the sense in the movie. So since the wedding scene is first I am building the church and inside the church.

As the builder, I want to change some little details but don’t know how that will affect the overall feel. For one is the Cross on top of the church. The one in the movie has a circle around the middle of the cross with the boards of the cross going through it. I thought the one I made below looks a little better (it isn’t tectures yet I want to get all the models done first, tecturing takes me the longest to do because I want it to look perfect).

Check it out and tell me what you guys/gals think?


Your page seems to be down. Check the link.

It is a free service so you might have to go to and then either copy/paste church_cross.jpg onto the end of the url.

Sorry I am getting my own domain and server but I need to complete more content before paying for that happens


I haven’t seen the movie, but your cross looks okay. The cross that you said is in the movie sounds like the Celtic Cross ( I, myself, love the Celtic Cross, and think that if that is the kind in the original, than that should be kept.