Church modeling

Hi all,

I’m starting my, let’s say the biggest project by so far. It’s an Evangelistic church in my town. I like the architecture but it is so detailed and I’m not sure at what detail level should I start modeling…and finish. At first I thought I should go with the basic shape and then stick normal and bump maps but I don’t think it would be well represented that way and to model brick by brick is too tricky. Any recommendations?

I added a few photographs so you know what I’m talking about

Thanks ahead

The time old question - how detailed should I model?
At one end of the scale you have camera mapping - where you build the minimum possible geometry and use an existing photo for texture - at the other end you have modelling each brick.

Also - will the end result be a still image, a video walkthrough, or a game asset?

Myself, I’d take textures from your photos, and I’d start with a simple box structure, and then I’d go on to add detail if it looks like the model needs it.

It is supposed to be still image but my goal is to be as photorealistic as it can since I’m working on arch viz of my town.

Model window frames and all stuff separate objects, dont waste your time to try model all in one mesh. I have made a church also and 3d printed. Your one is pretty simple. And you can use bump map/normal map for rendering bricks, no need to model those.