Church Visualization

Here is the latest project I have worked on. :smiley:

Mostly looks great, very much like a concept model (I mean a real-life constructed miniature model). The only thing that looks bad that I can see is the obvious tiling of the grass texture. Nice work!

Thanks for the comments, thelonesoldier. I have made a number of tweaks.

I’d been thinking about pointing out that the cars looked kind of simple and repetitive, but I thought it fit with the “model” look, and anyway I figured it would be a bitch to add more detail and variety to them. But you pulled it off, and it looks great. I don’t like the green mist you’ve added to the top right corner of the image. Otherwise great work.

The cars were kind of a pain. I made the first cars myself. I am working with an architect and he requested different cars. I understand, but I didn’t have other cars. So, I bought a nice library of .3ds cars. Only problem when I import them in is that they are too poly intensive. Each car was around 50,000 polys. My system can not handle a parking lot of them. What to do? Well I decided to create low poly versions of each car by renderiong four views (front, rear, side, and top) of the high poly model and mapping the imagery to simple 50 poly models. The new models work fine for overall views of the site.

The green mist does look bad. The architect suggested that the top and side edge fade out since these area would later contain office buildings and markets instead of a nice forest area. Isn’t commercial art about false advertising anyway? It’s all about the image and perception. I like the forest area better myself.

You might be able to get some cars at the model repository.

OR, just add some different colours, shinyness/reflection. Maybe just modify one car to be a car like, well like a car some sheep farmers have. A passenger car with a box on the back. Or a motorcycle.
I must point out, that the colours you are using are very radical and somehow die out in the background. You might want to change the asphalt colour to darker.

Hello erich, your work looks very good, and if you just want it to be a concept model, and a visualisation of the architectural stuff, then I can say that the goal is more than reached. I think that since the church is the most important part of the project, it should then be the most concentrated on (I mean more than cars) and I think it’s what you did on the latest pic.


Great job, seems to be a hard work. The second version is better with less repetitive cars, I would also apply some rotation and deformation on some trees. Did you used Ambient Occlusion, if not, you should, this will improve the quality.

Thanks for the comments everyone! I am currently rendering a walk thru animation. Is Blender’s render engine slower than other 3d apps? I have calculated that my preview animation will take 13 hours to complete. An 800 x 600 animation will take 83 hours to complete! Ouch!!

use to render, only $20/month, no contract

Burp! Excuse me. Welcome to the world of computer animation and long render times :smiley: Seriously if only burp was ready for prime time, you would be similing:

Nice rendering btw.

Nice work. I think the cars are fine if the camera stay in the same place. However, if you desire a closer shot, think about getting yourself some higher resolution models. If you don’t, just leave it that way and get faster renderings.


The site model, buildings, cars, and trees are very low poly. Most of the detail comes from texture, bump, alpha, and reflection maps. I rendered an animated walk thru from a person’s perspective, but I think it is too obvious that all the models are low poly. I will try animating a fly around the site for better results.

My goal is to provide decent quality site renderings and animated fly arounds with out spending much time. The modeling is quick. Texture creation takes longer but is easy to revise if there are changes. I think the key to commercial work is getting the job done as efficiently as possible.

There is a proverb that I remember: “Time is money”

The visualisation is exactly what I think is needed for its use. If you make it too realist and pretty the clients might be disapointed when they see the real complex once built. They might say :“It doesnt look as perfect and nice as in the visualization”

The low poly cars and trees are fine from the sky, there is no need to drive yourself crazy over them, they are not even the focus of the work!

The idea of using textures to make quick changes is something I will remember though. Thanks for the tip :smiley: