Church WIP

Nothing special at the moment. Framed out the window, thats about it. I know your all so excited to see this :eek:. Actually, I just wanted to get this thread started so it would force me to work on this more. haha. Anyway, big thanks to Blenditall and everyone in that thread that gave their ideas. You’ve given me a lot of ideas for this project. Progress on this WIP may be slow, so if you think I let it die, I probably didn’t!

Edit: Here is the look I am going for, for the windows. Spaced out and sorta higher than normal. I just noticed their a little wider than they should be.


verry nice! (srry nothing to crit on)…great model = C )

Hey, there. Givin’ Blenditall a run for his money, eh?:wink:

Nice window start. So…not much to crit yet, of course, but let me make one observation…

Imagine for a moment that that window you’ve just modeled is repeated in every bay; looks like you’ll have about, oh, 10 bays? That’s 40 of those windows (lower, upper, both sides) Now interpolate a bit, and imagine that the windows are only about 5% of the entire model (that’s generous.) I don’t know how many verts you have already, but I’d hazard a guess that you’ll have 10 million verts on your model if you keep up that pace.:eek: Long way of saying: watch your verts now and be a much happier blenderer later!

Wow, you can’t stress it enough.

AGREED!! u have many seemingly uneciscery loops on that window. I understand you need some extra loops for the arch, but on the bottom its unecisery, and if your gonna use a subsurf modifier, you might as well lower the loops in the curve, and jack up the subsurf level for the render if that makes any sense

It may be a bit time consuming, but what I was thinking was to use the built in python script to add them in… That way, if your vert count is too high, you can just delete them, mod your mesh, and redo the script.

Thanks Eku. I’ll try and remove some of those. I scaled the window down a bit and added a rim around the top, I am working on getting that bigger arch around the entire window now. Should have something worth looking at tonight :slight_smile:

Oh, and Blenditall’s church is awesome. I’m going for a different look though. hehe.

ThriiDae: What script are you talking about? Call me stupid, but I usually make things harder than they need to be and haven’t really looked any scripts :slight_smile:

Agreed with all.
As soon as i saw it i was going to mention the vert count!

Small update. I removed some verts, I have a lot more I can get rid of, but I probably won’t get to work on this until tonight. I guess I am so used to my poly limit being restricted because of modeling for games, that when I do my own projects, I get a little carried away:D. Anyway, I also drew a crappy diagram (sorry, was too lazy to open Photoshop and make it pretty) of what I will be moving on to next. You can barely see it in the original pic, but there is a big arch around the window area, that is what I am working on next. Thanks again for all the crits, sorry their isn’t much to look at now, but it’s making me work on it more because people are watching:yes:

On a side note, Faramix has some positions open, its remote work right now. There is a lot of talent here, so I hope some of you apply! (sorry for the spam message, I’d rather work with some of you here, than some of the other people we have looked at before!)


Looking good…
Deadlines sure help though :stuck_out_tongue:

Thats the great thing about “personal” project, there is no deadlines :p. The only thing that is going to suck is, I’m not the best texturer in the world… But I will worry about that when I get there.

Well just get your materials and colour scheme done really well; put a lot of thought into them. Then you’ll find that textures aren’t necessarily that difficult, (at least that’s what I"m finding with my church). It would depend on the style and lighting though.

Are you aiming for a gothic design? Because if so, please do tell me as I’ve developed some very easy techniques for true gothic arches which I’d be happy to share with you. It’s fairly easy to apply and saves quite a bit on poly’s.

Though the arch-design you’re currently going for is applied in some churches, it isn’t the traditional ogival arch most commonly found. It’s still looking very good and has quite a bit of potential, I hope to see this one finished.

edit; sorry, only just noticed that you were aiming for a baroque/roman style. In that case you should probably be useing perfectly round arches.

I did see the gothic arch script a while ago and I cannot find it now. I saw the information that was posted on Blenditall’s thread, but I haven’t tried that yet. Any help would be great. I really don’t know what style I am going for yet (probably should though) I am just kind of “winging” it and seeing what happens at the moment. I wanted mine to be a big open room with smaller hallways jetting out to the left and right. I have about 20 different pictures, all different styles, and I am sort of fusing them all together. I know I’m going to make it all stone work, I don’t know if I will have any pillars yet (I almost have to with all the pics I have seen). Really, I was just sick of doing low poly game modeling and wanted to actually do a whole scene for once. I’ve been wanting to do a church for sometime, and I guess Blenditall’s thread sort of gave me the extra push I needed to get started :eyebrowlift2:.

Edit: Sorry, forgot to answer you in my rant, Yes, I would like to see your arch technique Sandrew lol.

Since you already know game modeling, I won’t harp on low-poly-ness any more…just don’t go crazy, man, unless you’re 'puter processor is rated for teraflops. My comp is pretty powerful, and it chokes on my current church. Also, the 2nd-party renderers (yafray, indigo) are limited memory-wise.

Anyway, since there isn’t much to crit in the model yet, post a few of your inspirations so far. I’m really curious to see where you want to go with this. And even though you’re winging it, I think you’d get more satisfaction out of this project if you home in on something first and make some decisions now…it’ll save you having to redo stuff, and redoing stuff is a great way to burn out.

Whoah, there’s a script to make arches out there? How come I never know about stuff like that lol.

In any case, a gothic arch is simply two halve circles where the ends are positioned at eachothers center. Like this. (I prefer using the spintool for stuff like this rather then circles).

Now it’s very easy to turn something like that into something like this.

Stuff gets more complicated and slightly messy where arches with a surface are concerned as you’ll get stuff like this where the faces overlap. This is practically unavoidable. It requires the adition of an extra verticle and some carefull placing to fix it (tip: snap verticle to grid, then slide it down the z-axis into position). When you build several of these arches with an increasingly smaller radius (using the bottom verticle of the previous arch as a guide for the top verticle of the next arch) you can get some nice results like this. (wire can be found here).

Ok, hope that helped by a bit. If you have any questions, feel free to aks and I’ll try to help out. In any case: good luck on your church :slight_smile:

Tiny update, I restarted. Added the big arch. I think I am going to off the big arch a little more and put a half Gothic arch around the whole thing, confusing now, but you’ll see what I mean once I do it. Don’t look at the topology for the arch, its bad, real bad :o, I’ll fix that once I round off the top.


Yeah, my pc is only an Athlon 3800 X2 oc’ed to 2.8GHZ, 2Gigs of RAM, and an 8500GTS. I also use two SATA drives at 250 GB each, but they are in a RAID, sometimes I wish I had that extra 250 GB, but its best for gaming and running test builds of games. I also have a P4 2.5 GHZ, with a gig of RAM I can tap into, but I rarely use it. Most of the time it takes longer to set up the thread than it does to actually get a render boost out of it.

Here are some of the Photos I have been using:

I guess I really need to learn how to draw better, then I could show you what I see. I’ll try and draw something half decent tonight so it’s easier to understand. I have a few different styles of church in there. :spin:

Sorry, I had my archs and what I see them being called “gothic vaults”. I called them domes, but here is the script I found:

but thanks for the reply, I will use your technique to create my bigger arch over my window.

Finally got some time to work on it (After about a week) anyway, I completely revamped the windows, created my “gothic vault” (half of one anyway) using the gothic vault script. I am also adding some small windows to the top.

Working on now: making the stone look nice with some accents and such (give it some detail), creating and adding the stained glass texture on to the windows (they look like junk now, so i want to get some textures on this),duplicating everything once I get that finished, then I will create the floor and ceiling.