Cigarette anyone?

This is part of a much bigger scene i have in mind, but seeing as I have given up the weed (Day eight) I thought I’d tourture myself by making this :<

smoke was a bit tough to control, I may Gimp it in the final piece
C&C if you care to, thanks for looking in.

The tip looks really good. the glim is great. But IMHO the rest of the cigarette is to slim and homogenius.
But good work !


the ash looks very convincing, smoke is not bad…

i think the paper and filter material could use some work. perhaps you could slice open a cigarette lengthwise and scan it.

do you care to share the blend?


The smoke is pretty good, and the smoulder is done very well. As has been said above, it could do with a little more interest elsewhere.

But that would involve having some in the house - too much temptation!

Good luck, Nobody! :smiley:

Some tweakage
Poseidon: Thanks

lucidmonkey: Thank you, not my blend but similar can be found here, if you do want my settings I will post later

indigomonkey: Thank you so much, sounds like you know the score.

nice smoke and flame.
the ash body looks to solid. the textures is good however.

No thnx, gave up years ago.
The body should be a bit more bumpy and the ash tip seems a bit too big.

More tweakage and cleanest ashtray in the world test

cekuhnen & vliegtuig: Thanks for your replies.