Cigarette Break

A small exploration into hard surface conceptualization. Broke the model into main shapes to get a good silhouette then added some medium details and took advantage of Octane’s texture displacement to get even finer details in which helps with fast ideation.


Oh man, do I freakin’ love this! Really top-shelf sci-fi! Beautiful all around! Great job bro! I think the title might be working against you some, because smokers are shunned these days pretty hard. Unfortunately I still smoke about a half pack a day, but I can understand why. With a title that has nothing to do with smoking or cigs, I think you will get much more action in this tread yo. ; - )

Also, I personally left Octane for E-Cycles after 6+ years, about two years ago, but Octane’s displacements in GPU is something that I very much miss. It does indeed rock, but I didn’t need most of the other bells+whistles in my workflow. And I love working natively with PrBSDF and don’t have time or patience to convert…

Again, this is really wonderful work. Thanks for sharing it with us!

Such a masterpiece. How I wish I could have my cigarette break too.

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@norka Thank you! I have been using E-Cycles as well for most of my projects although an older version since I did not resubscribe for the newer ones. It is very powerful but I generally use Eevee for fast previews and then fix stuff in post. Octane is a bit slower than E-Cycles but yes, there are some features that make life easier such as the displacement options and a few other new things they are implementing now.

@Calartist Thanks! Me too, I stopped smoking a few years ago but I sometimes miss it.