cigarette with procedurals and ramp

hey, making a cigarette… I used procedurals and ramp shaders for this. Can anyone direct me to a good tutorial (or tell me how) that shows how to make the tip glow and produce good smoke? Heres what I have so far.

and another pic that looks kinda cool but not what I want on the tip…

make a new texture channel only visible on the end and set it to “emit” in the material options.

dont mean to question someone who has probably had waaaay more experience than I have in blender, but… if I set it to emit, then it looks like its extremely flat…right?

Edit: by the way, what I said above seems sarcastic but Its not. I’m being sincere. no offense to anyone here about anything. :slight_smile:

ok heres an improved pic. I used the “emit” button in textures to make this.

now I need smoke! I’ll probably also do an ashtray and put some stupid saying in the pic using the gimp…lol.

smoke kills…

Looks good so far. For smoke, you could add a circle, turn it on its side and stick it on the end. Then give it a blue-grey halo material with a cloud texture and set it to emit particles upward along the Z axis.


I need a tutorial for this… all I can do is make smoke go straight up. I adjusted the rand life and the direction of force and stuff like that…but I can’t get realistic smoke from blender particles. wait… I wonder if lattice deformation would work??

somewhere there is a sight that has all kinds of blender particle effects, including cigarette smoke. i’ll see if i can find the URL. it’s called ‘michaels blends’ i think. SysAdmins site.
Ah yes, here it is.

heavenly chorus sings halleluiah!!! thank you!!!

made my first ever animation… (heh heh… a cigarette burning…how nice, how unhealthy) anyone know where I can host the file?

the last update looks really good.
imho there’s only the red light spot on the ground that is a little too big.

(heh heh… a cigarette burning…how nice, how unhealthy)

Next time try an incense stick, haha ! That’s not supposed to be unhealthy, unless you try to smoke it of course :wink:

mmmmm incense… smells good and uhh…collapses from inhalation

so does anyone know where I can host the animation??

hm…no one knows where I can host an anim? I need to improve the camera movement but I would like to find somewhere to put my animation for those of you who may be interested…(probably no one…lol… but its my first ever animation so I figure I wanna put it up to proudly show it off:))