cilinder reconnection help

Hi guys from Blender Artists!

Well, I got myself in some trouble. I have to make an animation that simulates vortex reconnection, just like in this video:

The way I thought to do this was to make four cylinders and animate them with lattice. The animation has gone pretty well, I liked the results and I think its easy to improve it. The problem is this: In the beginning the two cilinders of the same axis are connected, in the end the cilinders of different axis are connected, and I can’t see a way of doing this with my current knowledge of blender and 3d. If there was a way to apply the lattice animation to the mesh, i could join and separate the cilinders vertex anyway I wish. But I don’t know if that is possible. Any light on this matter will be very appreciated.

Also, if someone come up with a better and more elegant solution, I’ll give it a shot :wink:

Thanks in advance everybody!