CILLIT BANG Product Rendering / Packshot

My first blender image. It started as a modeling exercise and wanted a nice render of it. I used some ready objects for the BG.


The “cilit” model looks really good, that’s not an easy one to do, congrats
Things that might be improved:
lights - for now, the image looks overexposed. Try less intensive setup, preferably with rim light. You might want to see this tutorial - lighting your model - example.
DOF (depth of field) - the background is very blurry, you could get away with BG picture instead of those models, with similar result.
HDRI - use environmental texture for the world - gives nice, realistic reflections.
Overall, impressive start :+1:

This would go great if you ever did a character study of… BILLY MAYS HERE!!! :crazy_face:

Nice modeling/environment though. :+1: