this may become something big.

Blender + Povray 3.7

Looking very good. I look forward to seeing this with a background.

Looks fine. Nice material.

Any special reason you used PovRay for rendering?

Thanks, guys.


  1. I’ve known it inside and out for many years prior of getting into Blender
  2. for this project I need a blazing fast raytracer (povray 3.7 is such a beast) and Blender Internal simply is not up to the task (not tested Jaguarandi new core though) and unbiased renderers are out of luck with that. Photorealism not a priority as I plan to give it a cartoony look but still good-looking glass and reflections… :slight_smile:

I’ve exported with Povanim and configured the materials with a text editor.

Hopefully, I’ll now work on the immediate surroundings before any further slipper tweaking.

Oh, very nice :smiley:
Just wondering since when Cinderella has three feet… j/k

hmm, you’re starting to give me ideas… :stuck_out_tongue:

not really, you surely know the point was to showcase it from various angles… :wink:

Very nicely done, and i always have such problem to make shoes/feet. \o/

But the material looks more like a polymer.

povray + photons caustics and refractive color dispersion (“rainbow”)…

I was supposed to begin the ladders, but someone showed me this:

and I felt like emulating it. Recreated from scratch, using the experience with the previous model to avoid a few pitfalls. Failed to capture the subtleties of the rough glass material and bumps, but in my opinion, perfect smooth glass looks much better anyway… :slight_smile:

And let’s admit, glass slippers are a tremendous must to showcase a raytracer. It’s refractive and reflective, got deliciously curvy surface and it’s not as hard to create as, say, a car… :slight_smile:

48 minutes on a Q6600, most of it spent on the front, which folds upon itself and receives all those caustics and refractive dispersion…