Cinema 4D gets another huge upgrade with R10

Check it out, advanced painting is now in all packages, pyrocluster’s in with advanced render, animation improvements, interface redesign, bookmarking and searching of objects, interactive render (similar to Blender’s preview render) and LSCM uvrapping(which Blender had for a few releases and since went to ABF++).

Blender developers should take a look at this.

and their material system is still cumbersome.

i dont get it why they just dont redesign that.
they mentioned they want and need to do that at one
point :wink:

however well the rest is quite strong. always liked the render speed.

the new buttons in the attribute-editor looks like the gui-redesign of matt ebb…

btw: it took ten releases to get a layer-system in and to get a direct-integrated uv-texture-window

haha… and now they have lscm-unwrapping!

yep in some areas they are very fast in other dramatically slow.

How is it cumbersome exactly? What makes more so then say, Blender’s new node system.

btw: it took ten releases to get a layer-system in and to get a direct-integrated uv-texture-window

Not to mention the program’s about twice as old as Blender.

Blenders new node system is made of win and awesome!

The material SYSTEM is very crappy and complicated… you don’t get the clue about it, because you can’t see the relationships, like in a node-drawn way or in an table-form, its more like every aspect of a material is on another page of a book.

The material SHADERS and TEXTURES are quiet good - so there is for example a good SSS-Shader, a shader which makes (water-)ripples, when a particle touches the surface, excellent SubPoly-Displacement, a vector Shader, which draws Text and Curve-Vectos directly to the texture and much more…

But as an Ex-C4d-user i have to say: a lot of the C4D-aspects are fancy and pure interesting, but in some basic aspects, tools are missing.


R10 is pretty sweet from what I’ve tested with the Demo. I’ve been a long time Cinema 4d user and I don’t find the material editor troublesome at all. In fact, it’s one of my favorites coming from Messiah, Carrara, zbrush, and blender. I like node editors for materials but when it comes down to it XSI and Messiah have the best. Not to say blender’s nodes are bad but the standard material editor isn’t the best available. The new GUI for C4D is great, I love the modern feel it has now. Kind of a mix between Modo 201 and After Effects a bit…well at least I think. :slight_smile: I might upgrade my XL license to 10 if I can drum up the money… Cinema has the cleanest interface around and Alberto and Janine did a great favor with the new icons for the community.

Also, HAIR is freakin sweet…It’s incredibly fun to use and the results are short of amazing. Hopefully the Blender devs are keeping an eye out on things like that. Particle hair can’t get the same effect as spline based (or at least poly base like Fast & Fur) hair effects. :smiley:

I’d love to see a material/objects library that doesn’t have to be linked to scene files. Kind of a drag and drop feature instead of the append which require a lot of mouse clicks.

(I thought I saw the graphics guy on American Chopper using C4D. I’m not sure. Seems so easy for him.):smiley:

Kind of wondering where Blender is now had it been a commercial app.:o

>>> I’ve been a long time Cinema 4d user
Aw. Stopped at 7. The new version looks very very tasty.

Im wondering how much releases will take for Blender to have NGONS like in C4D? The C4D users has asked and maked a petition for getting NGOSN in C4D, and in the next release they gotted. Any serrious 3D package have support for NGONS. Wings, who also is an opensource modeller have NGONS. All the commercial modellers have NGONS. Why Blender dont have NGONS and dont develop support for this is a big misterry for me.

Well, personally Im likeing werry much the material system from C4D. And the rendering system. I want this systems (material+render) in Blender.

Well, look at this:

It’s similar to modeling in Blender. LOL! Notice the familiar Ctrl+R, one of Blender’s most powerful subd features. I wonder if this has long been a C4D feature, or how many apps have this Ctrl+R power.:smiley: The video has some interesting features at the latter part, btw.

Believe me, you’re looking at years, not months. Version numbers don’t really matter. Google’s massive funding is the only way Blender’s development could be speeded up, or something similar. I wonder what happened to the Architecture-related one.:o

:frowning: The actual system is messing all the geometry. Only NGONS is the salvation for having a clean geometry interoperable with all other 3D software packages. Ngons support is my number one wish related to moddeling system of Blender.

ton does not like ngons, hence the reason fgons are here…

youngbatcat, like a lot of your other posts, that’s untrue and very wrong. Don’t post misinformation.

That approach is never going to happen for Blender due to it’s wildly different development methods. Cinema4D is developed by a company, which means to a large extent they have the ability to assign programmer resources where they see fit, in order to satisfy market demands.

Let me explain a little about how open source development works here.

Blender doesn’t work the same way as c4d, it’s developed largely by volunteers in their free time, and if these volunteers a) don’t have the skills or b) don’t have the time or c) don’t find it interesting to implement such a feature, then no amount of petitioning is going to change that. Yes, most Blender coders would like to satisfy users, but there are a lot of other factors and opportunity costs involved. Adding N-gons to Blender, while very nice, would be a big, big job and would probably mean rewriting most of Blender’s many mesh editing tools, along with other deep structural changes. It’s not easy.

If you want N-gons that badly, you have to find a way to change a) b) or c).

a) is hard to change, there are a small proportion of the blender coders who would actually be able to do the coding required. So you’d have to identify those people, or hire an external programmer (who would have to be very, very good to be able to come in and understand the complexities of the current system and come up with a solution, in a short time).

b) can possibly be changed by paying one of the current Blender coders who have the abilities, if they have other commitments (like a job) that they’d be able to put aside if they were financed.

And c) can be changed by having a positive attitude, posting incentives and finding ways to reward volunteer coders for implementing this, rather than just complaining and criticising them and Blender.

lukep and briggs have both expressed interest in doing ngons, but as broken notes time is what is lacking.

It might come eventually, but I wouldn’t be expecting it for the next release :slight_smile:


ok broken, but why do we have fgons ? I do recall someone saying that the’re fake to begin with. And that they are not needed.Yet someone created the fgons, but their hardly useable…

I know someone has to make them… Ya can see why I don’t ask for new features anymore. It’s a useless waste of breath …

TRUTH OF THE MATTER is, most Blenderers can live without ngons like me, for example.:smiley: If you want ngons desperately enough, then use Wings3d or Silo or Hexagon. These apps have good file importers/exporters. I’ve started with Wings3d, but I no longer use it because Blender has far more modeling features such as edge/vertex extrusion, curves, real subsurf with levels, arrays and mirror modifiers, and more.

I have Hex and Silo, but I find modeling in Blender smoother, believe it or not.:D:D