Cinema 4D R16 Announced...

With some cool new features like Motion Tracker etc… Check this out…



Their Youtube channell with some videos:


the poly pen tools is simple amaizing

here is a nice review of new feature

Some cool stuff

To me, the motion tracker, new sculpt tools, and poly pen tool would probably be the main draws for people to keep C4D in the pipeline, as for the others…

  • A specialized cog primitive - someone could code this for Blender as an addon, it doesn’t seem to make a whole lot of sense to hardcode something this specialized.
  • Customizable object library - again, something that could be more for addon makers than something to hardcode (other than the functionality needed for true parametric objects, though I guess it could serve as a very useful time-saver and you don’t have to worry about it breaking).
  • Reflectance layers - just how many special rendering features will the team at Maxon code before they realize that they can just change the material system to a node-based one and offer near-unlimited power?
  • Deformer offsets - okay, I can see some good use in that
  • Solo mode - don’t tell me that Cinema couldn’t isolate objects in the viewport by themselves until now

Overall, looks like their users will have a bit of good stuff to play with and use in their everyday work, but I question the tactic of spending time to create specialized tools over creating generalized ones that can do those same things and a lot more (the Poly pen tool for instance is an excellent example of the type of general tool that should be worked on).

what I really envy about Cinema is the outliner

You and everyone who’s worked with it. That and the ability to pass down modifiers and materials through hierarchy.

Yep, and the grouping within the Outliner :slight_smile:

Anyway, looks like a nice release :slight_smile:

I wonder if Ton or any blender coder has actually given it a try. There are so many things to learn from it, not only blender, but maya, max, even modo. I always fear blender coders are too proud to actually open other softwares :S

c4d has always been a good package…well since 10 or so…(imho)but the team based workflow is a really nice feature…if it is as well integrated as it seems. that and the shader improvements along with the modelling tools…make this one great looking package!

The outliner is awesome, I am just not particularly fond of the way they made “modifiers” work. Basically you add a null modifier in the outliner and drop the objects you want to affect inside the modifier, if you want some objects to affect others you have to place them in a specific order which is fine when you only have a few modifiers in the scene but once you start layering more modifiers it starts to get confusing pretty fast. (Or maybe I just haven’t used it enough to figure it out completely yet.)

Cinema 4D is a really awesome software in general. I especially like the Mograph and Xpresso systems.

Can you show me that system?

Sorry, I meant to say Xpresso, not Mocha. I often mix those up because both make me think of coffee haha.

Mocha is pretty nice too though. It is a 3D tracking and rotoscoping software that is popular among C4D users, very easy to use and pretty fast.
Xpresso on the other hand is pretty much a nodular programming system within C4D. Kind of like ICE.

@NinthJake: I know what Mocha and Xpresso are, I was just curious, thinking… “maybe there is some hidden feature that I was not aware about” hehehe.

By the way, some more cool stuff:

thanks Regnas!

I wish Blender would at least imitate C4D’s object manager and mograph cloner… That would boost the productivity for sure…