Cinema 4D S26 Release

The new features include new modeling tools, new geonodes, overhauled cloth and rope simulation, and Redshift is now part of the standard Cinema 4D package (CPU rendering only, though). Zremesher is introduced as well into the software.

There might be more - their announcement event is starting in an hour, or so.

Maxon also announced today that all Maxon products are now included in its Maxon One subscription: Cinema 4D, Redshift, Red Giant, Universe, Forger and now ZBrush.

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Redshift is now part of the standard Cinema 4D package (CPU rendering only, though)

That is ridiculous…


I have to say, C4D’s updates are starting to get a bit bigger and better now. Perhaps the mysterious new core that was talked about is starting to come to completion.

I am left to wonder why Campbell and other Blender devs. never bother to convert commonly used addons like Looptools to hardcoded features done in C (as the only one I know of for sure that received such a treatment was the Smart UV unwrap)? It would provide a cheap way to throw a bone or two to modelers with each new release (outside of Geometry Nodes).


Well Blender modelling have been driving themselves in the Geometry Nodes niche at expense of everything else.


At the least, proceduralism happened to be one of the few things where the BF did not fall into the same old FOSS pattern in terms of priorities.

That is how they have the ball rolling early on, but then place the implementation on the back burner for several years, the result is that Blender ends up being the last application to get it. This was especially bad with OpenSubDiv, the BF should be embarrassed about the fact that it was done properly in DAZ products and even in niche 3D suites like Shade before they took it seriously.

Though as of recent, this is happening a bit less with the timely implementations of things like OIDN. Do note that I am talking about features that you quickly end up finding industry-wide. Even Maya and Max have some form of artist-friendly node system for geometry now.

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The problem with nodal proceduralism is the language complexity of it. It always will be a niche. For example an improved C4D Mograph makes more sense from my pov.

Regarding Max i am only aware of using Particle Flow for cloning and sort of object painting for making bushes , etc.
Particle Flow is a single core very old system but i feel it has the right amount of complexity vs power. You can always go deep in math with data function, but a non technical(read:lacking math) artist can work with it in many cases. Blender Geom nodes are too complex and will remain niche if they remain what they are.
My point is that for widespread use a nodal/procedural system the most friendly are Mograph and Particle Flow.

I am not aware of anything else nodal wise in Max except the MCG “corpse”… there are some procedural windows, stairs etc but they have pre defined options. Am i missing anything else?

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The modifier stack is the procedural workflow in max. You can do a lot by just stacking modifiers. Also Max has TP, tyFlow, RailClone if you want to go deeper. Even MCG has many features that Geom node doesn’t have.

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I know you can use modifiers staked, i often use edit polies over edit polis to have a sort of modelling history. But it is limited.
I was not including external plugins in my evaluation.

That would be nice…
The modeling dev department in blender is pretty dead right now…

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BiFrost is native in Max. It’s been in dev on beta for nearly 2 years now,

I have only seen fluid sims out of bifrost in Max, is there anything else it should be used for?

You must be thinking of Maya. Max Bifrost dev team specifically focused on the parametric modeling side of things.

Not aware of that, do you have a link?

This was all on the closed beta so no links. I haven’t been involved in the beta in a while because I don’t use Max anymore, but the dev of Bifrost was the first cross-program collaboration that both Max and Maya devs worked on together.
Maya team were focusing on physics sims and Max team were focusing on procedural modeling.

Ultimately though, all of this work will apply to both programs. This work has been ongoing for about 2 years.

I made a small Google search and found nothing on 3Ds Max Bifrost procedural modelling.

It’s in closed beta, so it isn’t public.

Interesting “point” update… :sunglasses: