Cinema 4D


Just wondering if anyone uses or has used Cinema 4D. Would you recommend it?


Me? No.

Other folks here? Undoubtedly.

There are all kinds of 3D packages, image-manipulation programs, what have you … and there’s a very good chance that many of the folks who hang around this particular water-cooler have used quite a few of them.

Why might you use “something else?”

  • You are curious and want to learn.
  • You’ve got a (client|employer) who’s got a lot of files made in this-or-that, or who has their own client who uses this-or-that.
  • It actually is “a better mousetrap” for whatever-it-is you’re doing at this time.
  • You think it might be …
  • You’re a closet Perl programmer :wink: who follows the mantra: TMTOWTDI = There’s More Than One Way To Do It.

Is there any particular aspect of Cinema 4D that attracts you to it? A task that it seems to be really well-suited to? Although “this primarily a Blender water-cooler,” I’m sure that there are folks 'round here who would like to hear your thoughts on the matter …

My question may have been a little obtuse but what appealed to me with Cinema4D is the direct link it has with Vuse (excuse my lack for technical jargon here). I mainly use blender for modeling and Modo for rendering but Modo does not have a script for Vuse yet and exporting .OBJ files is out of the question. I would like to start learning Vray also for some arch viz stuff as Cinema4D also has an exporter for Vray which Modo does not and i have not seen many Blender to Vray renders on this site. I could just stick with Modo because i love the render engine but then no Vuse. Yeah i guess im just curious too, i have used 3DS Max, Modo, ZBrush, Blender, Lightwave and Sketchup so there is a degree for just trying out some new stuff too but if anyone would like to add there input please do.

I use Cinema 4D and Blender, together with After Effects. And yes, Cinema 4D is better than Blender. C4D simply does more and looks better and has less “unfinished” code parts. Blender is a work in progress. Cinema 4D is more polished, but does have its limitations as well. Mainly I use C4D at work, Blender at home.

Just correcting myself, I meant to say Vue not Vuse but at $1500 for the extreme edition i think i’ll pass. Has anyone tried the Vue 8 Pioneer edition, its free!

Thanks Atom and sundialsvc4 but i think im going to stick with Blender/Modo for now. There is an exporter for Maxwell render and Modo im going to try out.

Hi atom i pretty much like motions graphics , i use blender for a loooong time , would you recomend me using c4d ?

thanx !

actually there is a vray exporter for blender:

@frigge Oh man thats awsome but that is a hell of a long thread. Do you have direct link for the Vray/Blender exporter I can’t find it and do we still use the Maya demo version for this?


You should ask andreymi about how to use the exporter as it is his project. just wanted to show you that you can use blender in your pipeline without the need to export to another programm manually.
and the first post lists the link to the project homepage: there is a link to a github repository where you can download it.

Ok thanks again for the help. When i first tried that first link on andreymi’s thread it wasn’t working. I have had to use a URL proxy for some weird reason to access the site, something wrong with my comp but i see the download script now so thanks alot, should be fun!


From what I’ve heard is that Cinema 4D is very easy to learn.

I highly recommend Cimima4D, if you can use it on a job site jump right in. There are so many more tools to ease the production of motion graphics. Smart things like Start and End animation parameters for growing things.

I do prefer the Blender interface and Blender for modeling. I feel that the Blender interface is more efficient than C4D. You actually have to click more in C4D to manipulate objects which is quite annoying. Also some of the Blender keyboard short cuts that I use all the time in Blender just do not exist at all in C4D. For example, in Blender I can type GX10 and move my object. In C4D there is no way to move the objects without first clicking in a field then typing in your number.

Well I’ll give you my 2¢. I used Cinema 4D for 5 years before moving to Blender and let me just say IMO Blender was a breath of fresh air. Nothing wrong with Cinema, but I just got tired of paying for all of the separate “Modules” in Cinema. A module to use Hair a module to allow you to render displacement a module to use this and that. If there was no Blender then I’d probably learn Maya but I do know Cinema integrates well with AE so if you use AE a lot then it might be a good option for you. :slight_smile:



I agree about the paying part. But if my clients have C4D on site, I will use it. Blender is my backup, however. And Cinema4D outputs RPF files, which Blender does not. This allows more flexibility for 3D compositing in After Effects as well.

Still blows me away how small the file size for Blender is and how people would prefer to use Blenders interface over other commercial 3d packages. When Blender starts to receive more additions to it though don’t you think it will start to loose its friendly inferface, maybe? I think Blender is best for characters and such, bad of architectural scenes. Maybe that will chang in time though. The most similar 3D package to Blender i have used and maybe you don’t want to hear it but is Modo. I stll can’t get use to 3DS max interface or Mayas for that matter. Lightwave, Cinema4D and Modo i think are all easy to pick up 3D applications, i guess its just what it is you need out of the package. Replicators, Subd modeling, mesh paint tools and the render engine for Modo are the excellent, its just not there for animaions yet but it will be in time im sure. I heard Maya is great for motion graphics.

I guess I gotta say it …

  • “Blender is what Blender is,” and if Elephant’s Dream don’t convince you of that, and Big Buck Bunny doesn’t either, and if Sintel doesn’t either … well … reckon that’s your problem and no one else’s.
  • “But nevertheless, that is entirely beside the point.”

Yeah, there’s more than one 3D package out there. And, more than one that is very good. Wow. What a concept.

Software packages (tahh dahh…) coexist. Yeah, I know. How utterly boring. But then again, how utterly practical. “Tool(s) for the job,” you know. As in, “more than one.”

What’s the focus here? The tool? Or the job? Exactly.

So… among the several tools that are standing, properly spit-shined and polished, for review … all of whom have earned their keep in actual battle and have, each one, emerged victorious … “what say ye about Cinema4D?” Yeah, I can afford it. “Never mind Blender.” “If I find myself in a particular pickle (yeah… one of those…) that “Cinema4D” can teleport me right out of,” and if you have actually been there, I’m sure that many folks who hang out here, really would like to know more about your experiences.

I utterly agree with you sundial unless that is all sarcasm in which case I utterly agree with you. Yes this thread is deteriorating fast.

But, alas to bask in error free code. Collisions that actually work. Particle systems that were not designed, implemented and maintained by some guy in his basement. Ah perchance to dream of a material based lighting system that is not a hack. Fields of falloffs that work consistently through out a package.

I wasn’t saying i thought Blender was no good, of course not! I have used it for about three years now and only recently started being curious about other packages. It took me three months of research to finally decide that Modo may be more suited to what i want to achieve in 3D. I forget maybe sometimes thats its not so much about the tools and all the fancy gizmos but more importantly on the actual job and the end result. Andrew Price said it in a video uplink that some people worry to much about the technical side of things, render engines, tools etc and forget about the big picture, maybe thats where im going wrong. I wished i could have a better discussion. Close this thread then if its dead, sorry to waste your time.

I started with Blender, learned 3d with it. I have tried all of the other packages on a trial basis…I like Blender the best because of my built up knowledge of the package. But I have found that this knowledge does transfer well to other softwares.

Before I started using Blender I used all sorts of commercial apps. 3ds Max, Maya, C4D, Modo, Lightwave, Houdini (though I still can’t understand shit about that software), Zbrush, Mudbox, Silo, Sketchup, Wings3D and so on.

I have recently picked up C4D again but I am having a hard time with it since I am so used with Blender. I can say this directly, if you have never used C4D and you are comfortable with Blender you will have a hard time converting to C4D. The Blender interface is so much better in every way (IMO) but while it is much easier (and faster) to work with Blender you can’t get around the fact that C4D has more tools, and they work really well.

I am currently trying to figure out how to work with Vray for C4D and if you want to get it too I will warn you that it is quite complex. I can never get used to these damn tags that goes everywhere for everything to work correctly and the render settings can give you nightmares if you are new to Vray (like I am)

Though it produces some really great results if you know how to handle it.