Cinema epics series part1:

There’s a bunch of "genre pieces"i feel compelled to do…there are certain films that have been highly influential on me and I aim to capture. This isn’t supposed to be a direct “homage” to any individual film hence “genre”… hopefully these will be fresh and exciting

This is the first in a planned series.
it’s a “response” to alien/aliens, starship troopers the matrix, godzillla, transformers.etc etc.

here’s some 2d concept, and an old sketch model (now lost, but I have this render…)

i plan to juxtapose some contemporary figures in the foreground, perhaps a police car and a bunch of cops, perhaps it’ll be soldiers… these are not the final composition…

What you have for this concept is sick, and I mean it :open_mouth:
It’s extremely reminiscent of Shadow of the Colossus, and that makes me like it more :slight_smile:

That’s some incredible detail on the model. How’d you lose the file, though?

I thought I’d backed it up then re-formatted my drives and discovered that actually the backup wasn’t complete… I didn’t lose much, but it’s slightly annoying

I’m glad you like the concept! I can’t wait to get modelling!

I love the concept sketch, but I cant really tell what that sculpt is supposed to be. You must have quite a rig to be able to work on that in blender though.

the sculpt was just a doodle really, the concept sketch is a development of that!