Cinema4D has fluids...

click on the links of “3D Designer”

It has a pricetag - Single license 299,00 Euro

Now it’s settled, a few more things then bundle everything in then make C4D free and the Blender Foundation goes out of business because no one is downloading Blender.

Still it won’t happen now because for every advanced feature set in C4D you have to cough up more money.

C4D has fluids since some time ah years.

sorry when you have to pay for commercial professional software but no open source project ever convinced me with having better special fx engines/results compared to the leasing commercial solutions.

299 seems to be rather cheap than Mayas plug ins.

doesn’t blender have fluids?

I remember trying the test fluid generator to do box fluids a long time ago, I’m glad it’s intergrated now.

Less make it worse. Fluids for just pre pro can be calculated in realtime. Not something for final renders but can be seen and see how it’s all coming together. No hurt from it, just that it’s always an option…

Are you sure? I see just the plain version (no dynamics-fluids and no
toon-shading) for that price.
The prices for the full 10 release is quite different, according to
Maxton Shop is 2800 Euro…
And I don’t think you can do fluid simulation without Dynamics module.

This maybe changes things a bit, uh?

The fluid plugin that is.:stuck_out_tongue:

Cinema has no real fluid system, you can only fake some things with the Dynamics module or metaballs. The mentioned plugin is not yet avaible, it is only a preview for the next update of DPIT.


I thought the new studio release V.10 comes with both those modules?

Only the Dynamics module, which is not a fluid simulator. You can use the soft bodies part of it to fake fluids though. Or use Thinking Particles and Metaballs. But it is really different from Realflow and Co. The fluid plugin in the first post is by a thirdparty developer and it is not yet released. Also it is more gained for the creation of viscous gas.