Cinematic Satellite Shot

I was commissioned to create this shot in Blender, which took a couple months to produce. I used Blender 2.69 and the Internal Renderer for everything but compositing and the static effect. Blender’s node system was utilized to output different passes to separate image sequence files so complete light control could be achieved in After Effects. Additionally, I used Blender’s After Effects export function to transfer transform data into After Effects for automated decal placement on the solar panels. I welcome critiques!

I referenced Andrew Price’s Earth tutorial and used Render Street’s services to help complete the job. Enjoy!

Very good work, Anson! Your satellite model looks great, and the animation is short and sweet. Is it an intro piece for yourself or someone else? It almost looks like it could have a title coming up on screen when the static comes up.

I’d be very interested to hear about the Blender-After Effects integration. Is there a tutorial or website that you found helpful to learn how to export transform data? I use AE often with my Blender projects, and sometimes have to track my Blender footage in order to place AE elements. I’d love to learn the technique you used!

Great work all around! By the way, if you upload a still image as well, it will generate a thumbnail for this thread and people will be more likely to check out your awesome work!

Thanks! It was created for two-time Emmy winning cinematographer Robert Kitilla.

The Blender-After Effects integration is actually quite simple- just enable “Export: Adobe After Effects .jsx” in the addons menu. The exporter will create a script including elements you specify, which can be run in After Effects with the “run script” button in the Files drop-down.

Thanks for the tip!

Nicely done. Just curious what those decals are supposed to be for.

Steve S

The decals are so the cinematographer may offer advertising to businesses in future videos. Such businesses may place their logo or other similar graphics.

The decals are so the cinematographer may offer advertising to businesses in future videos. Such businesses may place their logo or other similar graphics.

Thanks for the information, Anson! That will definitely help me in the future!

Well obviously this wasn’t made for realism :smiley:
I got a problem with the Earth, the way it is lit and the materials are bad IMO, reducing the quality of the overall scene.
FYI, there will be no way advertising can be on the solar panels. I know this is the part that we see the most, but solar panel are too much needed to “lose” any area in favor of advertising. And anyway no satellite will be seen by anyone ever again, so there’s little-to-no chance advertising would be placed directly on the satellite.

Otherwise I like the overall scene, the celestial is nice and detailed (maybe too much but no dark points shall be seen I assume), and the satellite in itself is well modeled. The exhaust effects are very well made too (can we see how you made it? Especially with Blender Internal, looks very good).

Sorry if the space nerd in me kinda deviated the critique :confused:

Thanks for the feedback. Yes, the colors of the Earth are highly stylized -we intended the style to be reminiscent of Impressionism with the oranges and blues. The Earth you made was very nice.

The exhaust effects were actually made in After Effects with a particle simulator. I imported a video sequence into Blender and set it as the texture with a high emit value for a few perpendicular planes. No Internal there!

Good job Anson, you have got some talent!