Cinematic scene

Trying to get a cinematic look to a scene which is a part of an animation. After a while it’s hard to see what’s been done. I would appreciate opinions of the scene as a whole and especially the realism in the neon lights.


This is really quite excellent! Having access to an animation might help use critique better. Right now, I don’t really see much to change. The water is excellent!

It look really cool right now but the one thing that stick out is that the lighting ends really abruptly.
The water has blue reflections but then all of the sudden it is completely black, there seems to be in invisible black shadow over the right half of the image.

Very nice! I really like it. :slight_smile:

I would change the aspect ratio. Usually those very cinematic scenes you see in movies are not 16:9 but a 2.35:1 widescreen.

Thanks for the positiv words! After a break I’m about to continue this project again. Hope to post the animation also…

That looks really good. I don’t think the “fragments” text should be framed dead center. Signs like that are usually above your head, I would try to find a way to compose the camera so that the word is higher up in the frame.