Cinematic teaser for game called Lowglow


I started to model the scene in Blender3D about a 3 weeks ago and now it has been rendered (rendering took a week).

There it is! Okay, not a whole video but one frame from it. Frames are rendered in Blender Cycles with 1000 samples. We decided to disable motion blur because it took SO much more time to render. Light bounces are also reduced from default 12 to 4 since our material turns to transparency after 3 bounces. That was a great trick that I learned from Blender Guru (Thanks for that!). We divided all the 700 frames for 3 computer with nVidia 980 GTX GPU. My computer couldn’t be a part of this task because my 580 GTX 1.5GB video memory wasn’t enough and it ran out of memory.

I also noticed that setting our volume density to homogenious increased our render speed a lot. So if you are using volume in materials and those doesn’t have density variance I strongly suggest to check the setting on. It can be found from material panel under volume section.

Enough talk! Here is the trailer:

Comments and critique are welcome!