Cinematography: how do I switch to different camera views in an animation?

Is it possible in Blender to switch to different camera views during an animation?

I’ve always animated an object with only the view of 1 camera. It would be nice to create cinematic shot to shot continuity.

There is a script for changing cameras here:

For a lot of reasons I always render separate shots in separate Blender scenes at least, and usually in completely separate Blend files, so I’ve never had call to use this.

But what if you made the scene in 1 blender file only?

How can you render the scene in separate Blenders?

Isn’t that what scenes are for?

I’m not sure how to use scenes though . . .

i just put a lockrot keyframe in one frame and go up just one more frame and make a keyframe where i want the camera to view to, pretty easy

Well, you can copy the file, then you’ve got your lights, etc all set up and you can tweak what you need to create the new setup.

Or, to add a new scene, go to the scene dropdown, click “Add New” and select whether you want an empty scene, a scene with linked objects, link object data, or a complete copy of the original scene. You can add and delete objects from any of these scenes, replace the camera, whatever. Linked objects will do the same thing in both scenes, but you can delete them from one or the other scene, or add new objects.

But personally, I often (not always, depends on the situation) simply copy a file to create the next camera setup in a separate file. Then render shots separately and edit them together in the sequence editor.

Ok thanks. It just seems more natural to use scenes.

But how do I tell the animation to change to another scene at a specific time?

As for scenes, if your are making a short film which is more than two or three shots, you will really need separate files. One file will get too big. But for just two or three shots, scenes are great.

Then you render your shots to still frames to a specific directory, ideally a separate directory for each shot. This is basically how ordinary movies are made; usually one camera shot at a time. And so then you have a bunch of directories full of shots, which you edit together in the sequence editor. To do that, you go to the sequence editor (I usually use yet another blend file to do my sequence editing in) press Shift-A to mean “Add” and then select “Add Images” from the menu. This will take you to the file browser. Go to the directory with your shot, press A (for “select all”) and the whole sequence of shots will be pulled into the sequence editor, which you can place anywhere on the timeline, shorten, extend, whatever. Do this with the other sequences and then edit them together. Then render with “Do Sequence” to output the whole sequence to a movie file.

OK, thanks, really appreciated guys, thanks a lot.