Cinepaint Flipbook

How does one create a cinepaint flipbook?

does cinepaint work?
I was under the impression that what was released was in the alpha developement stage. The site hasn’t had updates for a good month and a half so I assumed that perhapes the project had died out. (a real shame because it looked like a really really good idea).

well define work. I did get the flipbook to work and was panning to use it as a digital ink and paint system for 2d animation. It’s very unstable though. I now more than ever suggest Gimp or Krita

The old version version of Cinepaint works somewhat…very buggy and unstable.

The alpha version you are talking about appears to be in suspended animation at the pre-alpha stage (ie it is worthless). The pre-alpha only opens pictures…no editing. The cinepaint site hasn’t been updated since January.