Cinepaint or Gimp?

Should I use Cinepaint or stick to gimp to edit films?


Can you blue/greenscreen in cinepaint?
I know there’s the colour to alpha in Gimp

i would use gimp, i like it a lot bettter, and it has some really good color fuctions as well, that would be use ful in film,

— not to sure which one has the best fuctions for film, but the gimp is good,but i wouldn’t know if cinepaint is better suited to film.

a google search on the subject might help as well

good luck !!

um, isnt cinepaint basicaly gimp adapted to better work with video?

Not ‘video’ but ‘film’… there is a serious difference, especially in the amount of colors handled (bit-depth) which is much bigger with film. And that is exactly what Cinepaint is aiming at. I think Gimp is fine for video work though.

But can cinepaint greencreen?

i usually use both gimp and cinepaint together. i find that gimp has better image manipulation and paint tools, but cinepaint is better at opening and playing large sequences of images.
they’re not very large files, you dont really have to choose between them.