Cinepaint Question

Can anyone tell me how to load a movie for frame by frame retouching in cinepaint?

I believe that the short answer is to use something else to hack the movie into pieces. You can use MPlayer/Mencoder, QuickTime Pro, or something like that. That’s what’s recommended in the Cinepaint how-tos anyway.

VirtualDub (Windows) will output frames for you. If its a blender animation, you’re better off just going direct to frames regardless…

the Blender sequence editor can do this to. load the clip select the out put type and dont forget to press do sequence on the render tab then render the animation.

so once I have retouched all my frames how do I get them back to being some sort of quictime format?

You can use the sequence editor again load all you frames(keep all the frames in one folder and use the A key to select all in the blender file browser) and select .mov as the output and render the sequence. You can also do this with the compositor nodes. If you want to really challenge your self learn how to use jahshaka:D its a great program for some people.