cinnamon stick procedural

hi All, I would like to make a realistic cinnamon stick and its shader. my approach is as much as procedural as possible, but easier options are ok too.

here is my first render

i’m trying to achieve a more realistic looking material, like the one below

a few things i need for help

1- I need help to make the surface look more rough woody with some bumpy looking.
2- to make the ends to have some random small bits
3- i have noticed that there’s a darker line can be seen at the both ends how can i achieve this ,too

here’s the blender file

thanks a lot

Ps. I know there’s some work to do on modelling too, i just leave it after finishing the material.

for the ends you need to add some geometry and another material texture too

for the body needs some double or triple texture mat to get a better mat/texture look!

happy cl

here is modified a little

make you plane emiss on top more like a dome !

also cinnamon should be mostly diffuse
lower glossy to a min

use other texture like Musgrave to give different textures as shown here
I use a Musgrave for first texture

there is some yellow also on the texture

I added another mat on the ends

what do u think ?

happy bl


thanks a lot @RickyBlender yes it’s way better than mine :slight_smile: I was wondering if you could share the node set-up, that’d be great.


nodes is big so here is file

cinamon-stic2.blend (902 KB)

now for the ends you could rework something better
may be use a UV image !

have fun

happy bl

thanks for the file, I will study it asap,
mondays are usually hectic here at work :frowning:

take care