Cin'Tele aka Telaya, finished character

Finally I’ve managed to start animating this character I’ve been working on for a good while. She’s got a shrinkwrap-based muscle system similar to J.P.Bouza’s Blenrig “Zepam” (many thanks for the inspiration!!!), but with the difference that I did use a rather low poly mesh, and deformed the muscle shrink wrap targets via stretchy bones (for the most part, no shape keys involved). Visible muscular details are thus completely dynamically generated, and not sculpted into the mesh statically.
This has the advantage, that it leaves more freedom to where muscles actually create skin deformation - for instance muscular details may become less visible or completely invisible, if the corresponding body part is in a relaxed state.

The movie clips are a bit too dark - you might need to adjust brightness a slight bit upwards (I’ll fix that later …).

Turntable (H264, 1080p):

Short sword form sequence (needed to patch in hair collision to be able to do that scene):

as her proportions seem to draw crits frequently: she is small, and I did intentionally not stick to the current most popular proportions canon (short torso, and thin, barbie-like, much-too-long legs) with her … this said just as a preface. ^^

Is a really nice character! :wink: also I love the sword I’m a big fan of them.

hahaha I’m gonna say you too about the proportions, well done to point that out.

No one should say I don’t learn from C&C.

Seriously, of course I’d like her to create a “consistent” impression anyway - if the proportions just look “wrong” (aka impossible) in an absolute manner, I’d like to know …
For me, it looked okay so far, even good ^^ - but I know several “short” (<1.60m) women, and am in fact a small person myself, so I might be more accustomed to these sorts of proportions than others.

Furthermore, I was always amazed of how effective Mr Frazetta was with his neglection of “ideal” proportions in his paintings. That inspires me to try the effectiveness and limits of rule breaking myself.