Cintiq Pro with Blender

Hey guys I was thinking about getting a new Cintiq Pro 24" and also switching to Blender as my primary app. Are there any known issue with this combo?

I’m using Cintiq 13" with blender and only difference from using it with mouse is that Cintiq doesn’t have scroll wheel. so you have to zoom with CTRL+Middle click.
That’s about it.

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Thanks Ostapblender! I was worried there might be a show stopper issue with that combo. I can deal with the zoom issue, maybe use their express keys that are included.

One last thing, I know some apps don’t scale well with 4K display,which the Cintiq Pro can do - Does Blender scale okay on 4K resolution?

I use a Cintiq 21ux at work and it works just fine with blender. I mostly use the mouse but when sculpting, painting or sketching in grease pencil I use the Cintiq.


Blender has some greatest scalability over there, and it’s just got better with 2.8, so it wouldn’t be a problem.

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I use it with Cintiq at work, no problems whatsoever! Same as using it at home with a tablet.

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