circle select : how to set/change default radius value ?

Hi , i’m using circle select and i found the default radius is too big so everytime i have to change the radius down (using mouse wheel). I want to have smaller default radius so in the input setting (user preference) , i tried to change the radius value to 1,10,100 or to any number but seems that i has no effect at all. Everytime i start circle select , the radius stays the same. Am i missing something ? bug ?

I think it’s just one of those things that doesn’t have an adjustable default.(blender’s got a lot of them.)


Do not know if this will work…But You can try to set the circle the size You want.

And the Ctrl u - Save startup file…??

It take a split second to scrool You mouse…?


save startup file does not work.

ok…It was just a guees…Puff puff


I’m on a Macbook right now and I am using 2 fingers to scale the size of the circle. I have no idea what the controls are on PC but it is changeable!

Couple of years late but I was searching for the answer to this problem, then I figured it out. Use ‘+’ and ‘-’ to change the size of the circle select region. Hope this helps someone.

Yea it helped me a ton thanks bro :smiley:

it worked !