Circle selection mode

Goal - temporary activating circle selection mode by holding user-defined hotkey. Is it possible to create such behavior?

how would that be better then hitting C and r/clicking when done ??

“C + RMB” is good but it’s time consuming in speedmodeling (IMHO).

I’m not aware of any way of doing this from within Blender (I’m a-ok with the C + RMB combo myself) but you should be able to do it with an AutoHotkey script if you’re using Windows. It’ll be the first link on Google if you search AutoHotkey probably -> safe free software and easy to use with a bit of reading (it’s been a while since I used it though). I imagine there a similar tools for Mac and Linux, it’s just key remapping really.

Using it you should be able to set a command triggered by pressing any key you like which simulates a keyboard press of the C key and then another command for letting go of the same key to simulate a RMB click. As far as Blender is concerned whenever you press and release the key you set up it’ll think you actually hit C and then right clicked.

Hope this helps,