Circle/tube/sphere segment bug

Hi! I think I’ve found a bug in 2.53. It’s probably widely known already but I’ll post it anyway. I can’t choose segments for my circles/tubes/spheres/grids/whatever if I have more than one 3D viewport open.The same thing happens sometimes when I try to add the same primitives in a singe 3D viewport layout.

Oh, yeah I know your supposed to change the segments from the bottom of the (t)oolbox. Is there anything I can do about this?

I don’t seem to have that problem in the 2.5beta but if you have a problem, report to the bug tracker. There is a link in the help menu in blender. If the bugs don’t get reported they can’t get fixed.

Has anyone else seen this problem - is there a fix?

In 2.5 alpha, I could add a circle/tube/whatever, and the number of segments or vertices would appear in the bottom of the tool box. Now with 2.5 beta, and the latest version from Graphicall, anything I add gets a default number of segments, but I can no longer set or change it anywhere. The settings are gone from the tool menu.

This is 2.5 beta - 64 bit for Windows.


Did your tool bar come? T key .Lower left corner ? I got 64 win also . Its there in my beta version downloaded from

I don’t know what it is, but it was similar to the person who originally posted. I found out that I don’t get the vertices/radius/etc options in the Tool menu – only when my layout does not have the 3D view in my left-most window. (ie: I have the properties menu in my left-most window).

After I switched the left-most window to the 3D view, then back to the properties menu, then re-saved my defaults, I get the options correctly in the Tool menu. Weird.