circles in boxxes - HELP!!!

how do i put a circle in a box? for example: I am working in a lowpolly desktop computer, and am going to want speakers. how do i get the circles in the boxxes? thanks

a quick way is just to use baloons but they are not great for geting nice topology, the only other way i know of is to place in a circle then try to match the edges of the circle withe the boxes, you still probably wont get a great topology but it will be better than baloons, sorry i could not be of more help.

How do you want the finished work to look? Do you just want to texture the circle or do you intend to model it? Is it low poly or high poly?

is going to be a low polly, but I want the circle to dent into the box, so its not flat, like a normal speaker

Start with the circle, extrude edges out a bit, to give you a circle to indent from, then extrude out again, and square up the second extrusion by selecting 1/4 of the vertices, then doing scale to zero along the appropriate axis (type s, x, 0 or s, z, 0) for each side.

thanks!! ill try it