Circular Array

I’ve watched tutorials and read what I can find online… I created tire treads… I want to do a circular array to make the treads go around the tire… I did a Rotation/Scale in object mode for the treads… I added a circle curve for it to follow… I added a curve modifier to the treads with the circle as it’s target… I added an Array modifier with Object Offset checked and the object being the circle curve… (my curve was added as a circle, subsurf added and applied and then converted to a curve…(I am following a tutorial by CG Masters to create the tire and following his instructions)

when I start adding the count it goes all over the place, It won’t follow the curve… I have tried over and over … and cannot get it to work and can’t figure out why…
I did an off road tire that used an empty in the center to create the tire treads and that didn’t work for me either… it was all lopsided… not an even circle… I had to manually create each one and manually rotate it… I tried doing it manually one at a time with this one and that didn’t work out too well… I’m lost at to what to make the array go in a perfect circle to create the tire… fought with it all day yesterday… think I’m at Me = 0 and Blender = 6

thank so much

Okay… I finally got the array to go in a circle to create the tire BUT it don’t come together as it should at the end…
I’ve tried everything that I can think of to get it aligned right… What am I missing…

thanks appreciate any help you can give…

Okay… Never mind… I solved it… I did another ctrl+A and redid the rotation/scale for the 4th time… this time it worked and it all came together… Blender and I have been fighting for more than a day and finally I won… :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: thanks

An easier way to do a circular array is just to centre it on an (Empty) object. The rotation of the Empty sets the distance between each array object, so say you want a 5 degree Y increment, you just rotate the Empty 5 degrees Y. I think that’s easier and quicker than a curve, for something circular.

There is a quick addon to add array

select the object add array modifier -> how many count you need ->
Press ctrl+A to apply location and scale and also rotation with f6
press space and type circle array and your done. Download the addon from hereWatch this small demo