Circular camera animation with bezier circle speed adjustment?


For a job project I am learning modeling and animation with blender 2.82 step by step, and by studying many tutotails was able to produce this model with circular animation that is easy to repeat. However I like to get the animation in a constant speed and not let it be broken accelerated/ descelerated by a function that I cannot seem to find anywhere.

I did find a blender tutorial indicating that my issue may be related to a preference setting:
under animation tab, with F-curves (still need to learn what an F-curve is :slight_smile: there is a setting of interpolation that is standard as bezier, and could be linear as well as other options.
However, I didn’t change the acceleration/desceleration in my case.

Can someone assist here with where I could change it? (and please take into account that I am still fairly nooby…)

Thanks in advance

In your Timeline, RMB on the Keyframes ->Interpolation Mode->Linear




Here’s another way to do it using Drivers:

It uses a Scripted Expression Driver and a Custom Property. Change the Custom Property value to vary the speed.

Blend File. rotation-by-factor.blend (542.9 KB)

Just press Play, then change the Factor Custom Property. It always runs at constant speed throughout the animation and is not rotated on Frame 1. This is done by the (frame - 1) bit of the driver.

This is useful if you want a set rotation per frame, rather than a total rotation on the animation. So if you want it to turn 1 revolution per second for example. Bear in mind Drivers use Radians not degrees so 1 revolution is 2 x pi, not 360. You can type pi/12 into a box by the way, rather than working it out for yourself.

Cheers, Clock.


A Factor of pi/12 in the input box will rotate the cube once every second at 24 fps… I forgot to say that if you want to work in degrees, to achieve the same speed you would want 15 degrees per frame at 24 fps, so you could type radians(15) into the Custom Property to get the same result!

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Hi newvisitor,

Thank you, that was the thing I was looking for!

Much appreciated for your help!

Hi Clock,

Much thanks for your help. For now the first poster helped me sufficently, but I keep your option in my pocket for when I get more versed in the blender animation tools.

Cheers to you too!