Circular Hatch-Need a Tutorial

Hi Everybody
Can someone please tell me how to create the parts of the circle which go inside in this video:

Thanks in advance :spin:.

Or something like this , How the star gate opens the metals turns and twists and goes inside.

Here’s an example for the 1st one

Add a Circle, press F6 and make it 5 vertices

Fill it like this (press E -> S and scale inside a bit, do it a few time then merge at the center)

Select the central vertice and press O (to enable the Proportional editing)

Press R (to rotate) and with your mousewheel (or pageup/pagedown) increase the proportional radius (you can change the type of falloff, for the example i didn’t thought of changing it but you should obtain better result with a larger falloff like Root instead of the default Smooth i used that lead in a slightly deformed result), on the screenshot i point you to what is visually the proportional radius if you never used the proportional editing.

Now rotate until you’re satisfied (with different falloff and different radius , you will obtain different/better/worse result, just try to see which works best for you)

Select a section and press Y (or CTRL+V -> Split or Mesh -> Vertices -> Split) to split that section , do this for each other sections

Now to rotate a section, in Vertice edit mode, select the vertice pointed in the screenshot, press SHIFT+S -> Cursor to Selected to move the 3D cursor to it. Change the Pivot from the default to “3D Cursor” and press O to disable proportional editing
Then go into face or edge select mode, move the mouse pointer over a section you want to rotate and press L to select that section only.

Now you can rotate that section using the 3D cursor as the rotation center.
Do it for each other sections (remember to move the 3D cursor to the correct vertice for the center of an individual section rotation)

You can animate those rotations too if you wish to make a little animation.

Thanks Sanctuary !! :slight_smile: