Circular opening in a face

How do I put a circular opening in a face. I need a circular window in a sheet of metal.



Did you even try to google for your answer?

google your exact question “How do I put a circular opening in a face.” then add “blender” You will receive your answer

Thanks, I did try but I expressed my question as Blender circular opening and didn’t get any meaningful reply. Do I presume from your response that Blender should precede the question. Anyway using your question I found a tutorial on putting a hole through a cube more or less what I needed so thanks for the help, much appreciated.

Ken green

snap you cursor to the face you want to cut the hole through, then, in edit mode, add a circle. scale the circle, delete the original face, and fill the space between. if you are making a hole in a cylinder or other non-planar object, you will need to use a different method.

Select group of faces or single vert, then use the loop tools/ circle. You will need enough geometry where ever you want your circle to be.

I tried that first but couldn’t work out how to fill the gaps.


@ kenGreen, can you post an image of what you are trying to do.
I do not have time today, but later this week I will upload a video to try an help you out.
Scog A.K.A johnnybevo

though there are many ways to do what you need. I would use a Boolean “difference” modifier for this,

make a plane or cube (or any other object) you want to chop a hole in
create a cylinder and put it in the place you wanna “cut out” your circle
select the plane or cube you want the hole in , and give it a boolean modifier, on the modifier settings, make it the “difference” type
now apply this modifier, and delete the cylinder.

now the cylinder should “carve” a hole in the plane or cube you wanted a hole in…
If there are any odd errors, such as bad faces / normals (which arent rare with booleans), you can do various things to make it good again, the fastest and possibly easiest (depending on what you need) would be the remesh modifier, followed by a decimate modifier to reduce polycount on flat featureless areas (applying both when you use them)

The benefits of booleans… you can carve any mesh with any other mesh (albeit with varying results) meaning a round window is just as easy as a spherical one, or a triangle one, or one in the shape of Suzanne

Although the boolean modifiers are FAR from perfect, they are my preffered method of quickly cutting holes in things. Its easy just to build a cube and carve a door/window into a mesh… Keep in mind though , if you want several windows in one base mesh its a good idea to ctrl+J (join) your cylinder meshes into one single more complex mesh, in order to make the Boolean work better.

also … keep in mind this could mess up your models UVs (if you have them yet)

what if you start with circles. Use vectors to make the square?

I tried that first but couldn’t work out how to fill the gaps.

if it’s flat, select the edges you want to bridge and press F or shift F

Easy way to create holes without modifiers is using 2d curves. Add new curve objects to existing one when u are in edit mode.It makes holes automatically when curve is fully inside another curve.
Picture has two curve objects and right one has extruding and bevel as u see parameters in panel.
After that u just convert to mesh (Alt+C), there u have face with windows every shape u want.