Circular reference when baking normals

So I’ve just started doing some normal map baking and I’m getting this ‘Circular reference in texture stack’ issue. It seems that when I turn on GLSL in the viewport, view textured, with the low res mesh material set up with the normal map texture applied, that when I try to bake it gives me the error. I mean it works the first few times, but you incrementally make changes and re-bake and it eventually gets stuck.

The attached file breaks on my machine as soon as I try baking (it also generates rubbish). Any ideas?


bake-circular.blend (550 KB)

Yes, do not put the image on which you’re baking in the material textures. If you do, source and target are the same -> circular reference.

Usually the “Circular reference in texture stack” means that the texture assigned to the material of the low poly model is the same as the texture assigned to that low poly model - in the UV/Editor, so probably assigning different texture to the material and to the uv/image (while the model is selected in Edit Mode) editor should be enough to avoid the error message.

edit : i was too slow :wink:

So how do you manage your workflow? i.e. you want to refine your high poly model and bake again, but you want to see if you’re getting good results on the low poly too?

And thanks :slight_smile:

Bake to the image, save it in directory, then load it in the uv image editor to see the result in GLSL