Circular Wave Modifier is'nt centered


I’m pretty new to Blender and I’m having a problem with following a youtube tutorial: If I add a Wave Texture which I set to rings and spherical the center of it isn’t where it is supposed to be (like here: Instead, it is slightly off to the side although I’m even doing it in the world center. I know I could use a Mapping node but then I still can’t rotate the texture around that point.
Could someone help?

You’re not showing us what kind of coordinates you’re using. The center of UV is 0.5,0.5. The center of object coords is 0,0,0. The kind of coords you’re using matter.

To rotate about a particular point, translate to that point (ie, mapping or vector math/subtract), rotate (mapping is easiest here), then translate by the inverse of your original translation.

To make things easier here, I would probably be using object coords from an empty, which would make it easy to move centers and rotations about (and would give you coords based around a 0,0,0 center, which is probably ideal.) Just be aware that there’s currently an issue with Eevee preview of object coords in the presence of modifiers, so test on something with applied modifiers if you’re using any.

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First of all, thank you for your answer!
I’m afraid I don’t really understand how to do all that. I now tried using a Rotation Vector node, but it still takes the rotated texture from the rotation I had before (if this makes sense to you). Can I just change my UV center to 0,0? How do I use the object coordinates of an empty?
If it helps:

Here’s what I think you ought to do:

By using coords from an empty, you can put the center of the waves anywhere you want, you can scale it, etc. (You could also rotate it, but that doesn’t mean anything with a spherical gradient.)

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Thank you, it works! I thought I actually already tried that and it didn’t work, nevermind.